10 FAQ About the Breast Care

Studies show that only one in ten of us are happy with their natural breasts. And yet, neat bust looks great no matter the size. But do we know what is the true, best ‘breast care’? What is it about? How to take a good care of breast? For this and other questions we answer below.

In addition, the natural breast  enlargement, the full range of exercises improve the condition of the breast, lifting masks, estrogen creams and many other activities for natural breast enlargement. To start the treatment start to gather any information on this subject.

Carefully traced all the articles before you choose the appropriate form for your own breast augmentation.


1. What Cosmetics are Important in Breast Care?  Which of them Cultivate Breasts?

You need to know, how take the best care of your breast. The no. 1 should be breasts cosmetics, like a lifting creams, modelling and firming masks, estrogen lotions. Firming preparations containing ivy, seaweed, horsetail, sage, arnica. Use it after every bath. Apply cosmetic on your hands and massage into your breast by circling eights. At the end also apply it to the whole neck (up to shoulder). Use our special massages techniques.

2. What are Home Treatments ForBREASTINPREGNANT  Bust Firming and Modelling?

You don’t have to buy a cosmecits for breast care. You can do them by yourself at home as well. There are many recipes for balm, creams and breast masks. But it is not only about cosmetics. Massasing and  exercise are important in breast care as well. Bust are also good for alternating (one cold, one warm) shower. Water can not be a stone cold or very hot – the stream need to be changed every six minutes. Strainer shower step away from the body to the massage was quite strong, and in a circular motion, avoiding nipple. Always finish the treatment with cold water – it will improve circulation in breasts and will stretch the skin. Massaging bust with terry glow or pilling scrub will give similar effects.

3. Will the Breast Remain Bigger After Pregnancy ?

Unfortunately, almost 90% of women have a size or even two sizes smaller bust after feeding, than she had before pregnancy. This is due to the changes that have taken place during breast-feeding. Unfortunately, it is also important that a woman cares a little about the breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Hence, the bust is shallower, less firm and sagging. It is therefore important to follow all tips on breast care during pregnancy and lactation.

breastshapes-1054. Is Topless Sunbathing  Harmful for Breasts?

No, if you use protected cream with a minimum SPF 30 filter. You need to apply it because the UV rays damage the fibers responsible for skin firmness.

5. What is The Impact On the Bust to Exercise?

To take a good care of breasts is to keep them in good shape. Exercise improve their firmness, breast lift, and special exercises even increase breast size! All exercises to improve the condition of the breast can be found on our website. Perform exercises regularly (every day), then the effects will be permanent. Swimming is also recommended.

6. Will sleeping on stomach flatten the bust?

If you often sleep on your belly certainly it will have a negative impact on the appearance of your breasts. Your breast was oppressed all night, and overwhelmed by its own weight. A breast have a delicate structure, so do to that sleeping habit breast becomes increasingly flat. However, if you sleep on your stomach almost always or always, it additionally make impossible breast growth! Because breast is growing at night, when your body is in resting phase. Kneaded and squeezed do not have opportunities for growth. If you can not fall asleep otherwise, then it’s necessary to purchase a special pillow in the shape of a bagel, what use if pregnant or nursing. Arrange it so that your breasts were in the middle of the pillow, where the empty hole. In this way you are in your sleep and your breasts will be freed from your burden.

7. Is it Possible to Visually Increase Bust?

When you have small breasts, you can use many tricks to visually enhance breast size.  All of them can be found on our website. They will give the impression of more rounded and firmer. However, if you have a large bust and would like to visually reduce the breast size then sprinkle it with dark  powder. On special occasions you can also use make up on your breast, it will catch the eyes if you will smear on your breast the skin balm with golden flecks.

8. Will Small Breast Ever Grow or Am I doomed to Cup ‘A’?

If the breasts did not grow to the appropriate size, it means that you have a bad disruptors. Because every woman has the genes stored plump breasts. However, not all genes are stored hormone balance. It is therefore natural to start breast augmentation method, which consists in completing the shortage of female hormones from purely natural sources. Such sources are  fitoestrogene herbs.

9. Why do Some Women Have Big Breasts And Other Have Small?

Breast size depends on the proportion of female hormones in the female body. And these proportions are written in your genes. Inherit them from both the father and mother. If women in the two families have small breasts then unfortunately you’re on is not convicted. If your friend’s family has a large bust, this means that in their family genes are written very good ratio of hormones.

10.  It depends On Us What Size of The Breast do We Have?

No, it doesn’t depend on us. However, you can improve your hormonal proportions quickly and effectively. The best example are the people changing their sex – by hormonal changes in the proportions of these hormones by which men grow breasts. So why would you – Waman not grow it?

10 FAQ About the Breast Care
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