Bath Balls Recipe For Homemade Beauty Spa

The Best  Bath Balls Recipe !

Bath balls recipe – Making your own bath balls is one of the easiest ways to take control, and de-stress, through regular bath soaks.

When you add the power of natures essential oils you can really have an impact on the way you deal with everyday stress.


Making your own bath balls is just a matter of putting together your ingredients, in the ratios that you’d like, to create the level of fizz that you want. Use as many different herbs, flowers and oils as you like to find the best results ! 🙂



– 1 cup citric acid
– 2 cups baking soda (bicarbonate soda)
– 20-30 drops of essential oil – you might need more or less depending on the strength of the fragrance.
– 1 tablespoon of dog rose oil
– 15-20 drops of food colouring (optional)
– A tiny bit of water and liquid glycerine


Bath Balls Recipe:

  1. Mix together citric acid and baking soda in a bowl . Make sure they’re mixed thoroughly.
  2. The easiest way to mix the two powders is actually to sift them back and forth between two bowls.
  3.  Add essential oils, optional table spoon of extra oil, and food colouring .
  4. Mix rapidly with your hands before the mixture has a chance to fizz. The food colouring will make the mixture a bit clumpy, but you can re-powderise the clumps by rubbing them between your hands.
  5. Spray water onto the mixture a tiny bit at a time , and continue mixing. You probably need less water than what you think! Aim for a consistency where mixture is still pretty crumbly but will just hold its shape when you squeeze it hard in your hand.
  6. Pack the mixture tightly into your mold(s). If you’re using a two-part mold like the Christmas decoration, then slightly overfill each half of the mold, and press them together tightly. Don’t twist, just press. Tap the mold to release the bath ball.
  7. Let your balls dry for a couple of hours in a warm, dry place.
  8.  Keep them out of direct sunlight though. Placing the balls in a little “nests” of tissue paper is ok. It seems to help them dry better, and stops round ones from getting flat on the bottom.
  9. Use within a few weeks . They smell so good you’ll probably want to use them straight away anyway! But it’s important to know that they lose their fizzing power if they’re kept in storage for too long. If you give one as a gift, make sure you tell the recipient to enjoy their relaxing fragrant fizzy bath sooner rather than later!



How to Make My Own Bath Balls Recipe?

To modify  bath balls recipe of your own bath balls basic formula, here are some simple additions you can make.

* Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate - A powdered cleansing agent which you can add to make your bath balls foam to create more of a bubble bath and further soften the water. This material is so gentle that at 3% there is no eye irritation and at 70% there is no skin irritation. Add up to 10% to your dry ingredients.
* Dead Sea Salts – The mineral rich salts which you can add to your bath balls to create a therapeutic soak for healthy skin or mineral therapy. Add up to 25% to your dry ingredients.

* Carrier Oils – Vitamin rich emollients which you can add to your bath balls to create a emollient, nourishing soak for dry or rough skin types.  Add up to 5% to your ready, mixed ingredients being careful not to add too much which will make your bath balls not hold together as well, creating a softer fragile bath ball, or not at all. If this happens you will need to correct by adding more soda and citric or salts. However one should bear in mind that carrier Oils will not mix well with water so it is likely to float on the top and if any botanicals are added to the balls they will cling to the oil which will cling to skin

* Botanicals – Almost any dried plant material can be added to your bath balls to create beautiful, more appealing bath bombs.  You can use fresh or dried petals, flowers such as rose, lavender, marigold, pansy, forget-me,carnation, tulip, hibiskus, daisy and many more!

Add up to 10% to your dry ingredients or add a few to your mold before packing in dry mix.

Most of the available botanicals will add fragrance to your bath bombs. So be sure to keep that in mind when making your selection.



Botanicals Used in Bath Balls Recipe:


  • Rosemary – Invigorating and energizing
  • Lavender – Relaxing and calming
  • Peppermint – Stimulating and uplifting
  • Hibiscus – relaxing and stabilizing
  • Green Tea – Relaxing and antioxidant
  • Lemon Balm – Calming and relaxing

These botanicals will also release color as the balls dissolve.


* Essential Oils – The aromatic chemicals extracted from botanicals called essential oils, can be added when you are making your own bath balls, to create naturally scented, and therapeutic, bath soaks. Add to your mixed dry ingredients at about 6 – 8 drops per bath.

Additional Info: When adding essential oil based fragrance it is important to keep the activity of those oils in mind when making your selection. It is because the activity relevant to each essential oil will effect the bath balls and ultimate the bath soak.


Bath Balls Recipe For Homemade Beauty Spa
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