The Best Dog Rose Recipes !

My Special Dog Rose Natural Recipes

Dog Rose recipes

The dog rose is one of the oldest flowers used to manufacture natural cosmetics. Its scent has been loved by women everywhere, from simple peasant girls to magnificent queens. Rose petals not only smell nice but also heal scars, skin infections, taste delicious and can even prevent cancer (because they deacidify the body!). Rose leaves on the other hand are a natural bandage – they make wounds heal faster, and make inflammations go away.

Roses are added to all the best cosmetics, especially the natural ones – most of which can actually be made at home in just few moments. A rose extract cream helps get rid of wrinkles, rose extract shampoo makes your hair soft as silk, and using rose extract during bath softens your skin.

Rose essential oils have a relaxing, calming effect, help with headaches and have a captivating scent. Just for you guys I have included the best recipes for using roses in cosmetics and cooking. All of those recipes have been in my family for generations. They are reliable and valued and most of all natural!



Dog Rose Recipes


Dog Rose Water – A Rose Based Tonic Recipe ( my favorite one 🙂 )

Rose water is used as a natural soft perfume, a face wash and also as a make up remover.

It has astringing properties and makes pores smaller, refreshes skin and makes it regenerated (heals acne scars).



A recipe for  dog rose water:

– 750 g of dog rose petals (we remove the white parts)

– 1,l liter of boiling water, preferably spring water

– 1,5 lemon juice


Remove the white parts of the rose petals and leave them for a while on a white handkerchief to get all the tiny lifeforms out of it.

We place the petals in a pot, pour boiling water, add lemon juice and cover everything with a clean piece of cloth.


leave the pot in a cool place for one day. Next day we strain everything through a piece of gauze or cloth and squeeze everything until the petals get a rosy color.

The harder you squeeze the petals the stronger the tonic will get. Rose water has a captivating rose scent and color, plenty of women choose to dab it on themselves on hot days instead of using perfumes,  because in warm temperatures skin covered with that water gets a stronger rosy scent.



Dog Rose Petal Syrup Recipe 


Dog Rose Tea, Tonic, Sytup, water Rose petal syrup is simply delicious, you could get addicted to this stuff! It’s a perfect addition to cakes, desserts or ice cream. The recipe is incredibly easy, you just have to find a dog rose bush.


100g of dog rose petals
1,5 glass of sugar
1 glass of water
1 table spoon of lemon juice

  •  remove the white parts of the petals – as I said before it gives it a slightly bitter taste, which is not something we would want.
  •  boil sugar water, once the sugar melts we add the rose petals, the lemon juice and we stir.
  • boil everything for exactly thirty seconds!
  •  leave the pot for 24 hours in a cold place.
  • Next day we strain everything through a cloth and squeeze hard! We only get the prettiest rosy color if we squeeze the petals really hard.
  • boil the resulting syrup for a minute and quickly, while it’s still boiling, pour it into tiny sterilised bottles or jars.
  • quickly put the caps on to make sure they get vacuum sealed.

We can blend the petals and use them as an addition to a homemade marmelade.

Dog Rose Mousse – a Tasty Aphrodisiac


Millet mousse not only tastes great, but it’s also nutricious and very healthy.


– 400 g of boiled and blended millet

– 100 ml of rose syrup

– 4 table spoons of rose water

– 4 table spoons of dissolved coconut oil

– 40 g of cane sugar

– A handful of syrup cherries

– 400 ml of coconut milk (1 can), left in a fridge for the night

– 1 table spoon of powdered cane sugar

– rose petal chips for a decoration



  1.  slightly cool down the boiled millet, we add the rose syrup, the rose water and the coconut oil. We mix everything until we get an uniform mass
  2. add the sugar and the cherries to the mousse. We mix it again
  3. put everything in a fridge for an hour.
  4. In the meanwhile we whip a coconut cream – First we take a bowl that was cooled down in a freezer for a while, and then put nearly an entire can of coconut milk in it (it needs to be really cold). We get rid of the water on the bottom of the can. We add the powdered sugar and whip it with a blender for 4 minutes.
  5.  take out the mass from the fridge and slowly add it to the whipped cream with a spoon, then slowly blend at low speed. At last we add some of the leftover cherries and mix everything with a spoon for a while.
  6. decorate the mousse in the bowls with rose petal chips and put everything in the fridge for few hours to congeal. In the evening, we present our loved one with this aphrodisiac and red wine – Enjoy!



Dog Rose Petal Chips Recipe – True Delicacy! 

Rose Chips are a tasty and very decorative element put on the fanciest desserts! Use it to surprise your friends!



-Two handfuls of freshly picked rose petals

– 4 table spoons of extra virgin organic coconut oil

– 4 tea spoons of powdered sugar


1. We put 4 table spoons of coconus oil in a saucepan, we add 4 tea spoons of powdered sugar, we stir, then we heat it up until the oil and sugar dissolve and leave no lumps. We leave it to cool down

2.  When the oil and sugar cool down, we dip each rose petal in them and put it down on something like a tiny tray covered with parchment paper, one by one. We put it in the freezer for 10 minutes.

The chips melt fast in warm places so we put them on the mousse right before serving the dessert. We can store it in the freezer for up to 2 days.


Bon Appetit !!!  


The Best Dog Rose Recipes !
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