Can the Birth Control Pills Cause Breast Growth or Is Bigger Bust Just Birth Control Side Effects?

The effect of birth control pills on breast enlargement – breast growth or just birth control side effects?
For several years we still often hear that you can enlarge breasts using contraception. Is it really possible to increase breast size in this way?  You should start by saying that birth control pills do not cause breast growth! It’s a birth control side effects – swelling and no growth. Breast of some contraceptives become swollen and painful, and it gives the impression that bust is bigger.

The same is true of the general court of the weight gain due to the use of hormonal contraception. This is not the tablet itself is guilty of extra kilograms, but stimulated the appetite, by which even unconsciously eat more.

Birth control pills truly don’t causing breast growth but yes, there seem to be bigger because of birth control side effects.

birth control breast growth

birth control breast growth

Breasts Grow caused by Birth control pills?

Birth control pills are oral agent to prevent pregnancy, which in its composition are synthetic equivalents of female sex hormones.

Tablets should block ovulation, but more often, modern birth control pills are not focused on blocking ovulation but do not allow fertilized egg nest in the membrane of the uterus – for what are considered by some to be abortifacient, since it does not block by conceiving a child, and only prevent him from finding his place in the uterus.

Can be distinguished one-tablet containing a low dose of a hormone, which is a synthetic analogue of progesterone, and they do not block ovulation (ie. every month may lead to fertilization and the removal of a fertilized egg to five days after fertilization, what woman does not know), or tablets having a two-component in its composition progesterone and ethinylestradiol, they most often ovulation blockers.


 birth control breast growthEstrogen in birth control pills.

Some women are convinced that taking birth control pills with high levels of estrogen make their breasts grow. It is true that estrogen contained in birth control pills may (but not necessarily!) affect the appearance and size of the breasts.

It is, however, dependent person to person, and not every patient responds identically to the same birth control pills.

Do not confuse the terms, however – the contraceptive pill does not increase breast size naturally but cause its swelling! Swelling is visually larger breasts but not real growth.

Birth control pills truly don’t causing breast growth but yes, there seem to be bigger because of birth control side effects.


Birth Control Pills With a Higher Dose of Estrogen

In the market do exist birth control pills which contain a higherBUST STARTENLARGEMENT dose of estrogen (estradiol). Note, however, that like any hormonal contraceptive, they are prescription and their use should be strictly consult with a gynecologist. Each of us has a different level of hormones and if our hormonal administration is upset,at the results you did not ‘breast growth’. You must understand what we are missing hormones and in what quantities. In order for estrogen accelerated the breast growth, the dose must be adequate.

It is said that in the dose birth control pills will be so large that your breasts begin to grow. Quite the contrary. The level of estrogen in birth control pills is much smaller than the hormonal herbs containing phyto estrogen or hormone pills for breast growth.



With Birth Control Pills the Breast Size is not Increasing but Swelling! So it is Not a Breast Growth but Just Side Effects of Birth Control.

If a woman wants to enlarge their breasts using contraceptive pills should remember, that it’s not breast size is increasing but the swelling. They can also occur at the same time swelling of the extremities, feeling of fullness and gravity of the whole organism and a number of other effects described by the manufacturer of the tablets in the leaflet that accompanies the medicine. Frequently all this is accompanied by increased weight in general.


How do birth control pills affect breast enlargement?birth control pills breast growth

Breast under the influence of hormones contained in the pills, accumulate in the intercellular spaces of their body fluids. The resulting pressure causes swelling of fat cells to swell and give the impression of breast enlargement. That’s why the bust while using hormonal contraception may be up to a size larger. This state is not the norm.

Keep in mind that breast augmentation is a side effect, unintended, and not a deliberate action of birth control pills.

After discontinuation of hormonal contraception breasts return to normal size. Their increased size does not mean that the breast are higher – but with the proviso that the tablet bad act on the body and swollen breasts, that is, their state can be likened to the ‘disease’.

Breast Growth or just Birth Control Side Effects?

birth control side effectTo increase breast size through natural means we do not want to cause yourself diseases and abnormal conditions for the body, and totally in harmony with nature to stimulate her breasts to grow. We want to maintain breast health and well-being.

Swollen breasts, the use of contraception, are not so or symptom of larger breasts or their good condition.

The Birth Control Pills do not cause natural breast growth but there are really swollen becouse of  side effects of birth control.

Can the Birth Control Pills Cause Breast Growth or Is Bigger Bust Just Birth Control Side Effects?
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