What is a Bra Fitting? Breast Augmentation Bra – Increase Breast Size With a Perfect Match Bra

What is Bra Fitting?

Bra Fitting – That sort of feminine breasts always attract attention. Unfortunately life is not merciful for your breast. Gravity is the basic threat and as breasts are not muscles (although the constitution of the muscles holding them is important) they may decline in time. When you look for the perfect Bra Fitting you should know the Breast Augmentation Bras!

Breast size doesn’t really matter as long as it is firm. It needs to be slightly lifted, has to have a nice shape and be generally well looked after.  So the perfectly Fitting Bra should be perfect match to your breasts!

Wear a properly fitting bra

Wearing a well structured and perfectly Fitting Bra is fundamental when you wish to maintain the right posture and keep your breasts healthy, well shaped and attractive.

Bra Fitting can help lift your breasts and present them beautifully, giving an illusion of bigger breasts.

Not tailored properly to your size may flatten them, or even cause sagging. Contrary to popular belief, fitting a bra is not as easy as it might seem.

One of the reasons being the producers tendency to import cheap, poorly sewn products – and a bra’s construction is everything when comes to breast shaping properties. We therefore encourage you to

carefully select your bras. We wouldn’t want to stop our breast growth with wrong Bra Fitting , would we?

How to Try on a Bra? How to match Your Bra Fitting ?

Do not underestimate this step – the orientation of the bra is crucial for assessing its size. Remember that your goal is to choose the best fitting bra – not worth it to compromise, no matter how much you like the bra that you try on. If it is not properly selected, will not fulfill its function. There is no universal, one­-size -fits-all bra. We have different breast types that require different bras. A properly matched bra will influence the way our breasts present themselves. To perfect match bra size with your breasts always start  with taking exact measurements off your chest – not the cup size!!!


How to Choose a Cup Size and How to Measure Bra Size ?

How to measure your cup size

The first step is :  to measure the circumference of the bust.

The measurement should be made loose, ie. without compressing the breast. Measure should be placed horizontally, so as to intersect the outermost points of your breasts, so on the high of your nipples.

The reading result should not understating or overstating. If your bust does not belong to an extremely firm and protruding, perform an additional measurement in a bra – provided that it does not flatten the breast.

Take into account the greater of the results and save it.

The second step :  how to measure bra size

 How to measure off your chest

The measurement should be made tight, around your body, directly below the bust. Ensure the tape right under your breasts. Straight all of the way around and is as tight as possible. The tape should be firm, but not uncomfortable. This is the way, how the under band of the bra will fit.  To do this measurement you should not wearing a bra!

Then :  find your size in the size table (below) box corresponding to the circuit under the bust – in our example it was 65 – and then look at the number closest to the measured circumference at the bust. For our example, the line marked 65 find the value closest to your bust measurement -say that it was the 95th as you can see, you have to choose the cup FF and G – you should try both sizes and decide which one is placed better.


The final step –  Bra Fitting Calculator

In determining the appropriate size of the bust is the calculation – the best way  to measure bra size. Since the circumference of the bust to be deducted under bust. Remember that your under bust is the value understated by 5 or more centimeters – that which you determine in the first step. The difference that you will receive after deduction of the results, is the size of your bowl, and that’s how you will find bra fitting for You.




 Table: how to measure bra size


To choose correctly the best bra fitting, we must follow a couple of rules:

  • The cups should fit the size and shape of your breasts.
  • It cannot restrain your movements, neither can it be too loose.
  • Ladies with large breasts should invest into lingerie with wide straps and buildup cups.
  • Deep cut cups are for those of us with more petite bodies.


What you should know about the Breast Augmentation Bra?

As for the sake of a woman’s breasts created a suitable lingerie? The first bras we read in the papers, on the civilization of ancient Greece! As a result of the pain felt by Greek women during sports, developed “apodesmos” or “mastdeton” – a special material ties, designed to sustain bust!

Today we have 5 varieties of bras :

  • Push up
  • padded bra
  • padded
  • soft
  • seamless


There are 88 different Sizes of bras!

So it is not easy to find right bra fitting!

Sizes of bras do not end up on the perimeter of 85 cm and a cup size D. How many its types? Here underwear statistics that you need to know!  There are 88 different sizes of bras! How is this possible?

European numbering provides several sizes under bust measurement: it is about the width between 65 cm and 100 cm. In this 35-centimeter range is set up 8 sizes. Same cups is 11 – from A to K. Together with 8 size circuit exists, so 88 size bra!

Breast Augmentation Bra sizes

Bras sizes tabel

6 rules for choosing a perfect Breast Augmentation Bra.

The Enlarging Breast Size Bra Fitting!

  1. Best to choose a little tighter bras with slightly loose straps, which necessitates the recovery of blades back and accepting perfectly upright posture.
  2. The length strapless fit only when you lay breasts in the cups, so that filled them well.
  3. Back strap with buckle should lie on your back in the level. If you move up, bust will deject and will slide down.
  4. Breasts can not fall out of the cups and underwire should be quite meld with the body flat to match.
  5. Never buy for a small bowl – it will flatten the bust and spoil the shape of the breast. Bra should be perfectly fitting in the cup. It is better to do when buying a smaller stripe size and larger cup.
  6. Forget the silicone straps – they are absolutely passe, especially  in combination with an evening dress they would have a funny look.


The main task of the Bra Fitting

The main task of the bra fitting  is the optimal maintenance of our breast. This  obligation rests on the periphery of the bra, so it is important to correctly determine the length of the belt and not bra cups! Circuit bra holds 80% of the bust and shoulder straps only 20%.

It is unacceptable that this proportion was different. If it is not maintained, then what happens?  Belt pulls us into the shoulder, and the shoulder straps encroach under arms.

Mismatched bra causes us to slouch, can cause degeneration of the spine. In addition, individuals with larger breasts also begin to cower arms in an effort to avoid the pain caused by the weight of the breasts, eg – While running to the bus or during sports activities.  In this way it gets on the back of the cradle. Mismatched bra becomes a cause of neck

There are different ways of setting up perfect bra fitting.

Here are 4 best tips:

  • When inserting a  bra fitting before fastening  him from behind, lean forward and do it only in the slope. Remember to wear a bra freshly fit on the loosest  others are “supply” for the time will come when a bra.
  • Make sure the under-wire are directly under the breasts, it does not overlap at any point. After fastening bra place the breasts in the cups, scrape them with massage movements from under armpits. The entire breast should fit in the bowl – if that does not happen, the cup is too small.
  • Straps should also gently lift the breast has already upheld by the circumference of the cup and bra.  Adjust the length so as not sliding off the shoulders, but not dug painfully into the skin. Remember, this is not for them should stick to the weight of the breasts.
  • After installing and fastening bra, take a few sudden movements: a few bends, jumps, turns the body. If, during the evolution of the bra clasp moved up or chest began to sneak out of the bowls – bra certainly is not properly adjusted.


How to assess whether your bra is the ‘PERFECT BRA FITTING’?

Here’s a list of the most important conditions that should be met in a good bra size. All of them, if you are not, it will soon become clear to you. You will find that it matched the  bra fitting is comfortable, improves mood, corrects your figure and makes you always feel smartly and safely.

In properly selected bra:

black bra
1. Back of the bodice is horizontal, clamp remains at the same height – not moving up during wear. If this happens – try necessarily narrower under bust. Note: when reducing the under bust measurement is necessary to enlarge a cup with one or two sizes.

2. Breasts are nicely raised (do not touch the belly!). If your breasts sagging – usually means that the under bust is too broad. Reach for the narrower circumference and greater bowl. The same shortening straps on forever will not solve the problem.


3. Weight bust NOT based on the straps (straps not digging into the shoulders). If your arms are formed recesses of strapless and skin in these places is painfully rubbed, it means that the burden rests on your chest straps, not under the bust circumference. This means that under bust is too wide. Reach for the narrower circuit!


4. Breast fit completely in the cups. Look very carefully whether over the edge of the bowl or around the armpits do not create a “muffin” or folds? Is the bust line is smooth, even if you put a shirt? If it does not, it means that the cup is too small – Select necessarily better.


5. Underwire ringed breasts, lying smoothly on the chest, do not dig into any place in the breast tissue. Underwire is a “border” for the breasts. Women bearing years too small bowls accustomed to the situation that the underwire is based on the breast, and their tips often do not dig into the sides. This is unacceptable – the place is under the bust underwire and sides of the breast, not – on the bust. The end of whalebone from the side should “aim” more or less in the middle of the armpit. If not, the cup is too small. Bowls vary in spacing and diameter of the baleen – must be taken into account when choosing the size.


6. Bowls wrinkling or creased, but lie smoothly on the chest. Visible slack in the cups is that they are too large. Reach for the lower bowl.


7. Circuit bra holds firmly and horizontally on the body, but does not cause pain. Many of us have become accustomed to too loose circuits – in the absence of sufficiently large bowls was the only way to fit in a bra. Now, however, when the cup G or H ceased to be a rarity, we can opt out of these habits. But: a well-chosen circuit is tight, but comfortable – if it causes pain or persistent rubbing of the skin or difficult breathing, is too tight. You should then choose a larger circuit. But do not worry about the small traces which are left from the bra on the skin – such “patterns” are inevitable at every fitting clothes and quickly disappear.


Bra Fitting Rules:

wrong bra

  1. Changing the size of the circuit always adjust the cup size – the size of these are interrelated. Taking the larger circumference, lower bowl and vice versa – selecting circuit narrower bowl enlarge.
  2. Underwire – Underwire should cover the entire breast, and be close to the body, and their ends should aim at the center armpits. If you dig into the body, it is a sign that the cup is too small.
  3. Straps – When properly matched her bra straps carry 20% of the weight of the whole breast. They  can jab the skin, it is necessary to lengthening them to such an extent that the arms are not-generated redness
What is a Bra Fitting? Breast Augmentation Bra – Increase Breast Size With a Perfect Match Bra
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