Breast enlarging estrogen diet

We usually associate diet with getting fit, restrictions and generally things we don’t enjoy eating.

However „estrogen diet” is a way of eating, specifically what, when and how much we eat and drink during the day.
Implemented into your daily menu this diet will allow you to increase the firmness, improve shape and even enlarge your breasts.

One has to remember not to ingest increased amounts of carbohydrates (often called carbs).  Such diets often
carry the risk of increasing your overall body mass, which has the greatest impact on your abdomen, thighs and buttocks.


Breast enlarging estrogen diet for increase breast size

Diet is very important in our day to day healthy functioning. There is a special kind of menu that will help us increase the firmness and visual enlargement of our breasts. Focusing on certain nutrition groups we can stimulate the shaping and growth of breasts.

Therefore through the very presence of fitoestrogen – oriented products we will influence the process of breast enlargement.

breast enlarging herbs

Breast enlarging estrogen diet

Why fitoestrogens?

Well, mainly because these substances that work in a similar way to woman’s naturally produced estrogen. Thanks to them, every woman has nicely shaped hips and breasts.
Fitoestrogen diet has multiple advantages; influences breast growth, decreases the risk of arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis. That’s why we consume food rich in fitoestrogens.

Does the estrogen diet really work?BUSTHOT TO START ENLARGEMENT

A estrogen diet that improves the state of your breasts is the one which provides your organism with naturally occuring estrogens. It’s their lack that caused your breasts to be small.
Therefore a fitoestrogen diet is  not going to change your eating habits, but simply introduce new, fitoestrogen-rich products into the one you already follow.

Increasing your cup size and not your overall body size is what fitoestrogen diet is all about.
Maintaining constant weight is also key as rapid weight gain or loss will result in a catastrophic condition of your breast and skin.

The so called miracle diets and extreme changes in eating habits are not for you, if you wish to keep your breast impressively beautiful.

Although it’s main focus is on fitoestrogens, the diet we are reviewing today also puts an emphasis on fats. As weird as it may sound, healthy feminine breasts compose mainly of fat.

Can I enlarge my breasts by gaining weight?

Women often think that if they gain just enough weight, their breasts will also grow in size.
Unfortunately, that is not always the case. If your breasts are small due to improper hormone levels, they will remain small no matter how much weight you gain.

To makes things worse, when your belly and arms grow bigger, your breasts will appear even smaller in comparison.

What about lose weight and breasts size?

On the other hand when we lose weight, our breasts will also shrink now matter the hormone levels.

Unfair?  – True!
When your breast is petite you may lose even half of it’s size along with weight loss.

Estrogen diet ingredients

First and foremost your diet should be fitoestrogen rich. You’ll find them in:

  • soy milk
  • tofu
  • portions of potatoes
  • parsley
  • beans
  • peas
  • carrots

BUST STARTENLARGEMENTAlso in other products available in healthy food stores, organic stores and so on.
Fenugreek is a very important ingredient of your diet. Often used as seasoning for salads, meat, baked potatoes fenugreek is a “must have” in your kitchen from now on. Purchase the powdered version in big containers, as you will need lots of it. You may even eat it straight up with a spoon!

The taste takes some getting used to but not unbearable.
It’s worth mentioning that fitoestrogen diet contains no alcohol, caffeine, soda or any other soft bubble drinks whatsoever. Check out all fitoestrogene herbs as Saw Palmetto, Pueraria Mirificia and others.

Soy is the prime source of fitoestrogens and it will be the main ingredient of the diet. Look for relevant recipies in vegetarian sections as vegetarians and vegans substitute animal protein with soy.

Supplement Necessary in Your Estrogen Diet:

  • lentils
  • chickpeas
  • beans
  • broad beans
  • pears

You should also add sprouts and seeds (sunflower and linseed) to your daily menu.

Caution: Try to purchase natural products only. Preferrably from the farm itself. Canned and processed will not have as much nutritional value, they will in turn contain preservatives.

Only fresh natural vegetables and herbs will guarantee having enough fitoestrogens in your estrogen diet.

Breast enlarging estrogen diet
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