Top Best Breast Massage Techniques

Breast Massage Techniques – Easy way to get bigger and firming breasts!

Breast Massage Techniques are the most effective ways for breast enlargement! Breast enlarging massage supports the natural growth of breasts, not to mention its impact on the firmness and elasticity of the breast.

It improves the appearance and elasticity of the bust, firms it. Even the ancient Chinese medicine discovered that appropriate massage stimulates the growth of the breast tissue and breast simply becomes larger.

To know all the breast massage techniques, you will make them look more attractive, and will constantly inspect their health. Frequent and thorough examination of the breast may reveal the appearance of suspicious lumps or other symptoms of cancer. In addition, regular breast massage reduces the risk of breast cancer.


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How does breast enlarging massage work?

Is it hard for you to believe that these breast massage techniques can give you anything more beside pleasure?

It has been scientifically confirmed that properly and regularly performed breast massage improves blood circulation, thus, improves the delivery of nutrients from the body to the chest.



Breast Massage Techniques and Hormone Prolactin Level

Gently kneaded glands in the breasts begin to produce prolactinmassager for breasts – the hormone responsible for breast growth. Breast enlarging massage in the last days of pregnancy causes birth -because of the sudden increase in prolactin. This hormone, as it was mentioned, is responsible for breast growth but also affects the acceleration of labor and the increase in milk production.

Women during labor often have breast massage performed by experienced midwives. Also after birth, when they don’t have enough milk to feed the baby, the gentle massage of the breast increase lactation by 100%.

It is proven that a few minutes massage increases the level of prolactin!  With our breast massage techniques  you can express manufacturer of prolactin in the woman’s body!

breast massage techniquesBreast Massage Techniques and Breast Health

The compression of the endocrine glands increases and maintains their activity. This way you can improve the beauty and prolong youthfulness. During youth and puberty endocrine secretion is the greatest.

Aging begins while the secretion is inhibited. You have to pay attention to the diseased glands, and in such cases, do not use massages without prior consultation with your doctor.

If any changes in the breast appear the massage is prohibited.


Breast Enlarging Massage Activate Muscles to Grown!

Additionally during a breast enlarging massage chest muscles get the signal to activate. If the breast were of small size over the years, it is necessary to awaken the ‘sleeping’ muscles and force them to action. Without stimulation of these muscles, all therapies, herbs and creams would be working terribly slow.


Why Breast Massage Techniques is Needed During all Herb and Hormonal Therapies? Will Massage Alone be Enough?


Breast massage techniques can be safely used as the sole therapy for breast growth. However, this therapy is neither fast nor very effective. We activate and motivate breast growth but do not give them the ‘building material’ needed to increase the breast.

Most probable is that by using only massage in breast growing therapy instead of getting bigger breasts we will achieve the effect of firming the bust. So, if our goal is to increase the size of the breast, in the case of breast massage it is also recommended to support them with hormonal herbs – those that enlarge breasts.

Only linking together different therapies can bring the desired results. A good idea is to use creams that contain phytoestrogens, and there is a large variety of those creams on the market. After applying such measures you can achieve much more than only using massage.



Breast Massage Techniques are Special – Are Not a Traditional Massages

Breast massage techniques look a little different from a normal massage because we are massaging fragile breasts, full of glands, not hard muscles. The traditional massage rough and energetic massages slim the massaged part of the body, and we don’t want that. That is why the massage has to be delicate, apart from that the moves are quite simple .

For the breast firming massage  to be even more effective let your partner do the job. The hormones that extract themselves under man’s touch make the breasts grow quicker. Besides when you are excited the blood flow in your breasts increase which helps in the firming process and improves the condition of the breast tissue.


Use a Special Breast Enlarging Creams for Breast Enlarging breast enlarging massagesMassage With our Techniques

Always massage your breast using creme or balm with phytoestrogen. Use breast enlarging cremes, cremes containing hyaluronic acid, or use a mask made out of estrogenic herbs. By doing  breast firming massage you not only stimulate your breasts to grow but also give them the phytoestrogenes needed for the growth to be stronger.


How to do the Breast Massage Techniques right?


Massaging by Yourself:

If your massaging yourself, you can do it at the right pace for you: slow or fast. You can put the whole hand on the breast to cover it, or rub it with your fingertips. You don’t need to detach the hand from the skin, you can gently move across it, the idea is to stimulate the gland into action, but remember that the skin on the chest is very delicate and can be stretched with too intense movements (the downward movements in particular). It is therefore best to use the so-called crushing massage.

Massaging by Your Partner:

It will be most convenient for your partner to put his hands on your breasts and lightly knead. Without removing his hands from the skin he should massage at the right pace for both of you making the circular moves. Oppression should be strong enough to move a little the breasts from “their base”, but gentle enough to be pleasant, not painful.

For most women this is very enjoyable and exciting. The massage can therefore be a good excuse to draw attention to the need for this type of caress. Besides, when we are massaged by our partner the breast gland stimulation occurs much faster and more intensely. Some female hormones are probably extracting more intensively, “awakening” breasts.



The best 4 simple techniques of breast enlarging massage


1. Simple Breast Enlarging Massage:

Use circular massaging moves from bottom to top of the breast, moving to the middle of sternum and from the top to the outside. There should be about three hundred moves a day for each breast. To be successful you need to be regular and systematic, for example during a few minutes in the morning and before sleeping, and while bathing.

2. Breast Lifting Massage:

This massage strengthens the results of proper care, relaxes the muscles and improves the skin tone. Several times a week, before applying regenerating cream, massage your neck with ice cubes. Cold stimulates blood circulation and thus your skin regenerates faster. You can also massage yourself when applying lotion. You just have to remember about the circular moves from the bottom upwards. Try out also a massage with special brush or a natural sponge. Pinching the sides of the back, from the waist upwards also brings good results.

3. Breast Firming and Enlarging Massage:


Vibration Electric Breasts Bra Massager

It is one of the very old, natural folk techniques described in an american publication.
Breast has to be massaged in circular motions from 100 to 300 wheels on each breast. The right is massaged clockwise (to the viewer looking the opposite), the left counter clockwise.

The Massage can be done by yourself or by your partner.
If you are massaging yourself, you can massage both breasts at the same time, or each individually, it doesn’t matter.
If you are massaged by your partner, it will be most comfortable for you to lie on your back.  Let him sit on you “astride”, and massage the breasts with both hands.

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4. Japaneses Breast Enlarging Massage:

An unconventional medicine specialist, very well-known in Japan, has developed a very effective way of breast augmentation through massage. She believes that you can move the adipose tissue from under the armpits and sides of the body directly to the breast. Her massage technique relies on strong and fast hits of the side of the hand in the space under the arm, hitting slightly slanted towards the chest.

The adipose tissue will be drawn out, next she performs linear movements of the ‘massage’ from the direction of armpits towards the bust. The doctor believes that her patients achieve perfect results of breast enlargement, but this method has not yet gained popularity in countries outside of Japan.

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Top Best Breast Massage Techniques
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