Breast Implants or Natural Breast Augmentation? All about breast size and shape correction

Breast implants? Why? What for? On the Internet you can find thousands of entries of women who love their new breasts, or read chilling stories of those, whose implants ruined health. Many women think that the insertion of breast implants resembles a nose job. You got the treatment, the effect is great and you can forget about everything. Whatever is your opinion on breast augmentation, the truth is that every year the number of women who want to have larger and firmer breasts increases.


What you Need to Know Before Getting Breast Implants?

There are plenty of good reasons why women would want breast implants – type of surgical treatment that enhances their physical appearance and strengthens self-confidence. The satisfaction with the welcome physical change is what helps increase a women’s self confidence. Breast size can decrease after you have a major weight reduction and also immediately after having a baby. It can also occur after a mastectomy.
Whatever the reason, prior to deciding to dive into getting breast implants, take a look online for information about the procedure, what it involves and the type of breast implants that are available to you. After your research, the next step is to find a surgeon and make an appointment for an initial consultation. For those who have carried out all of the homework, you will know what questions to ask him or her.


Here’s What Each of  Them Should Know Before Going to the Doctor’s Office

You should ask questions such as :

  • how long the recovery process is?
  • if scarring is possible?
  • if it’s right for you?
  • and what you can expect after the procedure has been completed?

The doctor will also give you information on the incision and how the procedure is performed so you don’t have any surprises.


Breast Implants  Do Not Last Forever. They Must be Replaced

If all women accepted  their bodies, the world would be perfect. But it is not. Therefore, more and more of us are opting for plastic surgery. The most popular of them are: Breast enlargement.

On the Internet you can find thousands of entries of women who love their new breasts, or read chilling stories of those, whose breast implants ruined health. Many women think that the insertion of breast implants resembles a nose job. You got the treatment, the effect is great and you can forget about everything. One of the first things that women need to know is: Implant is not eternal, and it  needs to be replaced.

Did you know that the implant is not eternal? Did you know that one quarter of patients undergo corrective surgery within five years and that there are more than 20 sizes of implants?


Breast Implants and the Types Available to Choose FromHealth tourism in Sopron, Hungary

You will discover that there are several types of breast enlargements for you to choose from. There are pros and cons to every kind of improvement. You need to ask your physician to tell you exactly which type of breast implant is the breast type for your body. There are some cosmetic surgeons say that either type of implant is fine but you need to know why they have this opinion. Keep in mind that one person may have smashing results with one type but another person may not look nice with it.

This is because every person is different so while one is good for one person it may not be suitable for another.

There are two basic types of implants

  • gel filled implants
  • implants filled with saline hereinafter referred to as the “salt”

Mentor manufactures both types of implants for over 40 years. As a market leader in this field, the company Mentor meets strict American and European production standards and ensure the highest quality of workmanship.

Gel filled breast implants cohesive gel substance use, which is reflected as a typical breast tissue. The most common implants are offered with three different degrees of cohesive filling material: standard, medium and high. To ensure that the natural shape of the implant gel implants is the most cohesive.

Saline Breast implants are filled with saline. Implants are round and profiled. The best implants have removable drain to fill the implant, which allows the doctor to regulate the size of the implant in the first 6 months after implantation by adding or removing saline solution.

Silicone Breast Implants

The most popular type of breast implants is a silicone breast implant, that is made from a very strong elastomer silicone polymer that contains a silicone gel. These are much better compared to the old ones that were once used. At one time, there was a chance of the silicone gel leaking from the cover.

Silicone breast implants are the most common type that women choose. They were redesigned several years ago to prevent leakages, stop rippling and improved to have more natural look. They were once thin and highly prone to rupturing. The shells they use today are much tougher quality, and the gel formula is now much thicker. There are benefits to this type but they are much more costly than saline breast implants.

The benefits of silicone polymer breast augmentation is that they mimic the natural breast shape, they are organic and they feel and look natural. The gumminess from the carbamide peroxide gel helps it to retain the shape and remain natural looking. You have a variety of sizes and heights to choose from when it comes to silicone breast enhancements. The disadvantage is that the incision made to put in the silicone implants is much bigger because of the shell containing the silicone gel. This incision can be right under the breast or around the areola. You can’t have an incision in your armpits.

Characteristics of gel-filled Breast Implants:

  • The shape of the prosthesis precisely matched to your figure
  • Three different heights prostheses with your choice for each figure: high, medium and low
  • The most common sizes of implants are available: standard, medium and high Plus
  • A unique, technologically advanced silicone gel
  • Texture prevents rotation of the implant
  • All dentures are filled with a gel of different densities


breastimplantSaline Breast Implants

If you’re worried about safety, the saline breast implants are considered to be the safest type available for women to choose from. Though this is the safest, the silicone type is most commonly selected when it comes to augmentation surgery.

The breast implants contains saline which is a simple salt and water solution filling. This is safe for your body in the event that it ruptures or leaks through the shell. The body will saturate the fluid that leaks without harming you and then move out of the body when you pass urine. This type of breast enhancement was developed to eliminate some of the issues that arose with silicone gel implants. If by chance they do rupture, it can be easily noticed and detected because they flatten when this occurs. With a silicone breast implants, the detection will take much longer the physical change is not noticeable right away.

An important benefit of saline breast implants is that the incision required is not as big as the incision needed for the silicone gel type. The surgery is less invasive. The shell it is made with is vulcanized at room temperature and is not highly prone to rupturing or leaking.

Compared to silicone gel type solutions, this type of augmentation is much less expensive. The reason for this is that silicone breast implants went through a very tough evaluation from the Food and Drug Administration, aka FDA. It was once banned for many years by the regulating authority. Since then, it has been improved and redesigned to eliminate the negative issues they once had. This resulted in an increase in manufacturing costs for companies that make the implants.

The only disadvantage of the old designs of this type of enhancement is that it does not look and feel as natural as silicone gel enhancements. This was the case with the old ones but the new design implants do not have this disadvantage. Many women still believe that it doesn’t look natural and choose the silicone gel type of breast augmentation.salt implant



Combination Silicone and Saline Breast Implants

Another form of  breast implants that was introduced because of deflation of other types of  breast implants are combination implants. The combination type has saline as well as silicone. Those who chose this option did not have any issues with deflation even after several years of having the procedure performed. Again, these were developed because of the problem with silicone breast implants deflating.


gummy-bear implant

Gummy Bear Breast Implants

Another type is the gummy bear breast implant. Though this is fairly new, the option is becoming a hit amongst women who want this type of procedure done. The new implants, compared to saline, hold their shape well. They don’t move out of place or wrinkle like the saline gel option.

With time, some breast implants can shift but this type stays in the upright position so your breasts do not sag. With saline breast implants, you can hear a noise, a sloshing sound and this not the case with gummy bear enhancements. It contains a cohesive filling and because of this, there aren’t choices when it comes to incisions.

After the implant, they feel natural.  Silicone breast implants feel hard and not very natural. It is closer to the natural feel of breasts that do not have implants. Not only is it important to consider which type is best for you, you should also consider after surgery care. Your surgeon will be able to tell you exactly which one is best for you and what you need to do after you go through breast augmentation. Another point you need to keep in mind related to your breast implants is the procedure may leave behind scars. Ask your doctor about this and also the incision, how big or small it will be. You need to be prepared beforehand so don’t wait until the last minute.



The Selection and Placement of the Breast Implant Cutbreastimplantscuts

Breast augmentation is usually done by making a cut in one of the three typical places: around the nipple, along the fold under the breast or armpit.

  1. Cut under his arm This type of cut is more visible, but it can be a good option for women who do not want to have any scars on his chest.
  2. Cut around the nipple This type of incision allows for better masking scar. However, it can cause some difficulties in breastfeeding.
  3. Cut along the fold of the breast is the most popular cut allows to hide the scar under the breast.


Your doctor will explain in detail each cutting method. It will also help you choose one that is best for you.



Placing the Breast Implants – under the chest muscle and the gland.

breast enlargement naturally-042During breast augmentation surgery implants can be placed either under the chest muscle and the gland.

Placement under the muscle may reduce the chance of sensing the implant through the skin and helps reduce the possibility of multiple tissue surrounding the implants. It is also easier to perform mammography. A possible disadvantage of such a placement of the implant is a long time surgery and convalescence.

Placing the gland can shorten the time of surgerya nd recovery. The disadvantage of such a placement can be visibility edge implant through the skin. In this case, the mammogram can be difficult.

The location of the implant and choose the best method of treatment for you is one of the topics that your doctor can discuss with you prior to surgery.


When and How Often You Need to Replace the Breast Implants?

Breast enlargement surgery is not about where you can forget forever. If you decide the breast implants, at 100% you will have to be replaced several times. Almost certainly happen to a situation in which you’ll want to either replace implants itself on the other, or you need to treat chest.

As many as 20-26% of women have to undergo the procedure weighting the size and shape of the implants.

Every woman after that procedure will undergo more than ones  breast enlargement surgery. You have to reckon with the fact that this is the end of your life and  you’ll have to be under observation of doctors. During the first year after surgery 1-3% of women are re-operated due to the rupture of the implant. After five years, the risk increases to 10%!
Unfortunately, 85% of implant bursts after 15 years. Therefore, to avoid the risk of rupture of the implant, they should be replaced  approximately every  5 years.



Breasts Implants – The Risks Associated With Surgery

Here are examples of the most common complications after surgery to insert breast implants:

1. Rupture of implants

car accident, biopsies, disastrous fall can cause rupture of the implants. The most common cause of implant rupture  is its aging. In the case of silicone implants – it is an alarming signal – breast pain and sometimes swelling. In the case of implants filled with salt – loss of firmness in the breast, change in shape and size. Reputable companies give free implants to replace, if necessary.

2. Permanent loss of sensation
in the chest

10-18 % of women have no feeling in the nipple five years after the operation of inserting the implants.


3. Hematoma in the chest

occurs most often, after surgery, but it really can occur at any time. Implant collects blood. If there is too much, the doctor will insert a drain. Unfortunately, this procedure may leave a scar on the skin.


4. The implant is visible through the skin.
If natural breast contains too little fat and glandular tissue to cover the implant, with time  it can be seen through the skin.


5. Preparation of capsule – inflammation of the breast
appears when the fibrous bag which surrounds the implant (hereinafter just capsule) shrinks and starts to push the implant. Infected breasts becomes hard and deformed, there is also pain. This can happen after a few months of operation. Treatment consists of removal of the implant, incision of the capsule and re-insertion of the implant.



Breast Implants or Augmentation With Hyaluronic Acid?

woman breast implants

In sociological studies conducted in the United States and the European Union shows that 20-40% of women of childbearing age take into account the treatment improve the appearance of the breast. There are tens of millions of potential patients of plastic surgeons. Only one percent of them opting for the fitting breast implants.
The reason that 99% do not undergo surgery is the fear of anesthesia, aversion to permanent linear scar, a long postoperative recovery period and exclusion from work, fear of irreversible effect of the treatment.
Cost of the operation as a barrier for surgery was replaced only in fifth place.

An alternative method of enlargement and firmness of female breasts is currently applicable hyaluronic acid. In 2007 he was registered in the European Union formulation of hyaluronic acid (Macrolane), which is used for volume shaping, also for correction of female breast.



What is Breast Augmentation With Hyaluronic Acid?

Breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid involves the injection of the preparation between the chest wall and mammary gland. The injection means administration of the desired location via a cannula and syringe. It is not necessary to perform incision leaving the linear scars as in the case of breast implants.
You only need to puncture the skin. The puncture site remains a scar point.

Breast augmentation treatment of hyaluronic acid preparation can be performed on an outpatient basis, and so the treatment room, and not necessarily in the operating room. Apply a local anesthetic. Sometimes additional short-term intravenous anesthesia. No anesthesia is required. The procedure takes about 30 minutes, so it is relatively short. After about two hours of surgery, you can return to your daily activities with the exception of the exercise of considerable physical effort. In place of the cannula introduced assumes a single seam or a slice of approaching the edges of the puncture.

Around the breast adhesive patches are assumed to prevent movement of the material. On the chest is assumed sports bra one cup larger than the patient wore before surgery. For a period of two weeks is recommended avoiding large physical effort and a strong chest compressions.


Breast Enlargement by Liposuction:Estrogen creams over the counter

Liposuction for contouring silhouette has its origins in France in the late 70’s. The procedure involves the removal of fat from the subcutaneous tissue using a blunt cannula connected to a vacuum. For the creators of this method is considered to Dr. Yves-Gerard Illous’a and Pierre Fornier’a. The second is also considered as a precursor of fatty tissue graft.
Liposuction is used to remove fat from the area where is her too much, while the aspirated tissue can be used to increase the volume in its scarcity. The transplantation of fat can be used for example. to breast augmentation. In principle, collected during liposuction fat is still living single cells and conglomerates fat cells. This tissue provided in the form of injections in the breast obtains nourishment and vascularization in a new place and have a chance at long-term survival and give the breasts a new shape.

From experience, however, we know that most of the transplanted fat survives surgery – the cells break down and their fragments are absorbed from the injection site.


How Often do You Have to Repeat the Procedure Adipose Tissue Transplant?

In order to maintain the long-term result of the treatment should be repeated at intervals of 6-12 months, depending on the rate of absorption of fat. After three treatments, you can count on several years the effect of the correction of breast fat graft.
Recently it was found that the fat tissue is very rich in the so stem cells. These are cells that have the capacity to divide and differentiate into tissue cells, to which they are presented. The transfer of these cells from one part of the body of man in second place is one of the foundations of a lasting result of the treatment.


After Breast Implants Care breast implants steatch

Not only is it important to consider which type is best for you, you should also consider after-surgery care. Your surgeon will be able to tell you exactly which one is best for you and what you need to do after you go through breast augmentation. You won’t be able to decide this on your own. If you do decide on your own, you may not choose the right one for the best results.

Another point you need to keep in mind related to your breast implants is the procedure may leave behind scars. Ask your doctor about this and also the incision, how big or small it will be. You need to be prepared beforehand so don’t wait until the last minute.


How to Find a Good Surgeon?

Do some research on your own, make an appointment with a breast surgeon and have the procedure done. It’s worth it if you would like to enhance your beauty.

Make sure that your plastic surgeon has the appropriate permissions, as well as is working with the anesthesiologist.

  • Your doctor urges you to bigger implants? He avoids the subject of complications? If you feel that your doctor does not understand you and your needs, look for another doctor.
  • Practice makes perfect. Search for a doctor who performs such operations every day, and sometimes not.
  • Do not choose because of the price. The cost of operation is quite an expense.
  • Do not save money at the expense of health.


breast implants

3 Types of  Surgical Breast Augmentation: Breast Implants, Hyaluronic Acid and Fat Graft.

In summary, we currently have available 3 methods of breast enlargement and female breast shape correction. Most frequently performed surgery is the establishment of silicone implants. Only one, 2007 in the USA iplanted 400 thousand Breast  implants.
The history of silicone implants is the longest – implanted in from half a century. Fat transplant is carried out from the 80’s, and Macrolane has been registered in the European Union in 2007.

Each Method Has its Advantages and Disadvantages

The final choice of method should belong to the patient. The role of the physician is to provide reliable information on the benefits and potential risks of the procedure. The doctor performing breast revision should be well educated and have your own experience in this type of operations. Each type of treatment is unique and requires a slightly different approach. None of the treatments is not easy to perform technically and none of them should not be underestimated. There is no easier or more difficult treatments – are the only ones that can be safely and predictably perform and those that can not.

Breast Implants or Natural Breast Augmentation? All about breast size and shape correction
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