TOP Rules of Breast Lift and Firm in Natural Breast Augmentation

To increase the size of your breasts, firm them and improve their looks start with natural methods. They are not expensive, risky and dangerous as in the case of plastic surgery.

Using phytoestrogene herbs, massage, creams or natural supplements you can model your breasts in a safe and certainly effective manner.   Breast always was and will be the most beautiful part of a female body. They are admired by everybody, not only men!  That’s why you need to know, how take the best care of your breast.

ABC of  Breast Lift and Firm  Natural Methodes

Bust is a fat, so if you want to align the level of your hormones and body to deliver a high dose of estrogen is if you gain weight your breasts also grow. At the same time do not forget that when you lose weight, you’ll lose breast weight along with the rest of the body;

Take care of your breasts:  lubricate them with moisturizing lotions and wiper, especially in the morning and after every bath

Adjust your bra! If is too small it may cause your unsightly underarm rise rollers fat. At night do not sleep in a bra

– Perform special exercises at the bust and wear fitness sports bra made of a special fabric;

Take care of your spine! Few aesthetic, hanging breasts are the result of defects in the spine or abnormal posture.

– Remember that the ski on your neck is very thin and fat-free bedding. Therefore, you can not use at this point vigorous hygiene procedures. You should be purified light, less-invasive, gels, and twice a week you can peel off with the peeling of the enzyme.


– Try not to wear bras that are too tight.  If you permanently wore a smaller one – optically magnifying bust bra all the time, you will prevent the development in this way.

If possible, give your breasts a little rest – not wearing a bra. Of course, only if you are not engage in any exercise. So – optical zoom smaller tube bra minimally important outputs. But forget about going without a bra all the time – the law of gravity sooner or later will work!

– Use homemade breast firming masks

Before an important outing: If the skin of your neck unsightly pimples and blemishes, masks  them with equalizer or a dense undercoat. If you are afraid that your dress will get dirty, mix your powder with lotion.

Flick your neck with icing brown powder along with iridescent flecks and remember the impeccable posture.

Do not slouch – so your breasts will be fuller and your stomach flatter.

Create high heels – they will force your body to maintain an impeccable attitude.

Do not forget about breast exam! Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Many of them die, because they decided to test and see a doctor way too late. Observe the change in color and the shape of the nipple. Any irregularities immediately consult with your gynecologist. Remember that the detection of early stage breast tumor, is a guarantee of cure!

TOP Rules of Breast Lift and Firm in Natural Breast Augmentation
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