Breast Lifts – Special Bust Firming and Lifting Exercises

Breast Lifts is What we Need!

Some women have beautiful, shiny hair, others have magic eyes, some have big breasts. Some not.  In these days, we can change eye or hair color, we can also reshape out body! The most beautiful busts are not necessarily the biggest ones.

A very important thing is their firmness. Even big breasts could look not nice if they are pendulous and not firmed well. We created special list of breast lifts exercises that will help you improve your breasts shape and can definitely help you lift your breasts up in short time! All what you need is perseverance in daily exercises.

Remember, if you want to keep your breasts lifted, you need to get the best matched bra for you. Check your perfect bra with our bra fitting calculator.

Breast Lifts – Our Special Bust Exercises are Great Way to Lift Your Breasts!

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A woman’s body should be feminine and tender, so you won’t need “muscle packs”.  You don’t exercise to get them. When it comes to breast lifts, things stand in the opposite side. Working your pectoral muscles and their area, will help raise your breasts, push them slightly ahead and firm them nicely.

Perhaps if you will do these exercises daily for more than couple days, you will enlarge your breasts even more than one or two inch.

With this lifting and firming exercises you can increase your chest circumference without an increased muscle contour, which is well masked by the mammary glands. Very Helpful will be full enlargement therapy with estrogen herbs and breast enlarging massages.


breast lifts


Breast Lifts by Exercises – How to They Work?

Breast lifts are done dually : in the chest, mobilized by the exercises position and flexibility of the spine, and in the pectoral muscle (large & small) that cover the chest between mammary glands and ribs.
Breast lifts and firm exercises which lift the mammary glands are very important in breast augmentation therapy.

A woman’s breasts has something like a tracts which travel from the pectoral muscles to the skin, sustaining the mammary gland’s weight. Woman’s breasts are a symbol of femininity, we all want them to be fuller and nice firmed. Easy breast lifts and enlargement exercises will be more efficient if you will connect them with estrogen diet and phyto-estrogen herbs. You need your hormones to be balanced. Go to our special article about hormones to check out your hormonal body type, and then, choose the best matched breast enlargement therapy for you.

Bigger, nice looking bust are highly appreciated not only by the opposite sex but also by our self.  Women about age 20-30 feel, like they would need breast lifts and enlarged, because their bust are just too small or too droopy.



Breast Lifts exercise no 1.

Hip Arm Master hiparm master for breast lifts

And at the end, the best breast lifting exercise! This exercise requires great physical effort but gives you the fastest and best results of succulent, fuller and bigger breasts.

You will need a device that is called Hip Arm Master. This exercise not only will lift your bust but also will enlarge your breasts size as well!

Grab it with both your hands, in a way to feel comfortable. The biggest muscle tension you will get by holding  Hip Arm Master downward, as the girl in the picture.  Squeeze Hip Arm Master so hard to join hands.

Try to repeat this move as many times as you can. Important count, how many times did you repeat the exercise first time doing it. Then try to do it every next time for one more repetition.

So, if first time you repeated squeeze 20 times,  next time do 21, next 22 and so on until you will feel that you have reached the limit of your muscular endurance. Practice  regularly every day and for at least 2 months.

After 2 weeks you will notice a clear difference in size and shape of your breasts! Thanks to this device and your perseverance you’re guaranteed great results in short time.

Breast Litfs exercise no 2.Dumbbell.bmp

For this breast lifting and enlargement exercise you will need two 1-3 kg dumbbells. Lie on the floor on your back with arms at your sides holding the weights in your both hands. Raise your arms above your head and take them back on the floor, return to original position when the arms were near the body. Try to do it fast and with tight muscles.

You can’t move your legs, they have to be in a straight position and perfectly stretched.

Make a series of 20 fast lifts, a little rest and again 20 lifts.

Repeat as many times as you can stand. Try do it daily by more than one month to get the best and fast result of lifted breast.



Breast Lifts exercise no 3.

After finished exercise no. 2  take a rest and stand up keeping the dumbbells in your hands without released them. That way you keep your muscles still tensed,  you’ll feel your body working more intense. Hold one arm near your body, the other one bent over the head to the opposite ear, holding the dumbbell in it. Return the arm near the body, and bend it over your head again.

Take 30 such fast repetitions with each hand. Remember to keep your muscles still tensed.

breast firming

Breast Lifts exercise no 4.

For this methods of breast lifting exercises, you will need small weights, about 1-3kg each. Stand straight with your heels spread and Lift both of your arms straight up. Put them back down by bending your elbows till your fists become level with your shoulders, then lift your arms again. 5 sets of 15 repetitions will suffice for fast breast lifting.

Breast Lifts – Special Bust Firming and Lifting Exercises
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