Breast Pain and Other Problems With Breast During Pregnancy

Breast Pain – what can it mean?

If I feel pain in breast does this mean that I am pregnant?
One of the most common cause of breast pain is pregnancy. This is our  cause of breast pain No 1. If you are pregnant, and you do not know yet, breasts first tell you about it. Already at day 10 after fertilization, the majority of women feel breast pain. Sore breasts are sensitivity, respond to every touch. This kinf of  breast pain is almost always a sign of pregnancy. In the past, when there was no pregnancy tests, breast pain for many women was the assurance of pregnancy.

However, the breast pain can be caused not only by pregnancy.  Unfortunately, many pregnant women complain of bust pain. These are the main reasons for breast pain:pregnancybrastpain

The cause of breast pain No 2. – Breast tenderness and mastalgia

Hormonal disorders can cause mastalgia, cyclical breast pain that is dependent on the adoption of the menstrual cycle or hormone replacement therapy

The cause of breast pain No 3. – Exercise or mismatched bra can cause breast pain

Breast pain may be the cause of a very prosaic, eg. Due to injury caused by the strong emphasis of safety belts in the vehicle during heavy braking, or excessive exercise, for example, during exercise in the gym or during aerobics. Breast pain also afflict women wearing poorly fitting bras. bras that are too loose circumference under the breasts cause pain resulting from poor breast support. bras that are too small cups, breast pain cause by their oppression. Try a bra fitting to perfect match a special bra for you.

The cause of breast pain No 4. –  Adenomas and cysts

A large part of us, at different times of life feels different lumps in the breast or thickening. In younger women and expectant mothers most often turn out to be adenomas or cysts, which are the parts of the breast tissue, which seceded from the rest. Such nodules are smooth, hard, but – more importantly – they are moving, or slide under the skin. Tot hurt. If you discern such movable lumps, do not worry, these are not major changes. But do not leave this without testing! You should  go immediately to the doctor.

The cause of breast pain No 5. – It could be cancer

Sometimes detected in the breast lump is not moving. is hard and firmly adheres to the one place. sometimes turns out not to be a cyst or adenoma, a change that has the characteristics of the tumor. remember: each detected nodule should go immediately to the doctor.




Problems With Breast During Pregnancy


1. Colostrum – The First Breast Milk Appears

In the third trimester the breast may leak a yellowish fluid – colostrum. However, not always. It contains a large dose of immune cells and the components necessary for a child in the first days of life. Sometimes it leaks earlier, but that does not mean that it wouldn’t later.

Wear only breast pads, so that you will not have stained blouse. Do not scratch dried colostrum ,wash your breasts several times a day with warm water.

You have to go to the doctor if breast starts to leak blood-streaked mucus, nipples are red and painful, you feel a lump or you feel breast pain. Lubricate lotions for breast-feeding women. Do not forget warm baths /showers – remember, while breastfeeding, do not use cold showers on breast!

The cold water reduces the amount of food in the chest and the total disappearance! Hot showers aimed at increasing breast milk production again in the chest. Hot baths works fine for painful breast.

2. Cracked, Bleeding Nipplesrak-sutka-choroba

About 80% of women,who are starting breast-feeding the baby, are having problems with crocking nipples. This causes terrible pain when feeding. Women often cry when the baby takes the nipple into his mouth.  Nipples often bleed.

The pain during feeding is like thousands of needles driven into the nipples. Unfortunately, this advice is only one: express milk for the baby for 3days with simple, manual breast pump and serve the breast milk in the bottle and lubricate  breast with a special medicated ointment. 3 days are enough for nipples to heal  and there shouldn’t be more pain. To be sure, this period can be extended to 5 days.

Do not use an electric breast pump if the nipples are cracked. Electric breast pumps operate at high pressure and will increase only wound on nipples worsening the problem. Electric breast pumps are intended for healthy breasts. Do not forget to express milk in such a way as baby suckles the breast.

Baby suckles the breast for about 15 minutes. Every 1.5 – 3 hours. So you should express milk in that time frame. Otherwise breasts stop producing the right amount of food for the baby. Remember to alternate food, once with one breast once on the other.

3. Inflammatory Breast

During pregnancy and lactation breasts are very sensitive to cold. You should hide neckline for scarves. You should not wear high necklines. Every gust of wind cooler may cause inflammation of the breast. It’s a very painful ailment. When the breast are inflamed, the impression is ‘pull’ on the breasts of acute pain. Often, you can then feed your baby. Sometimes the mere opening of an outdoor refrigerator breasts causes inflammation of the breast.

For breast inflammation -there are two very good methods allowed:

a- Hot Shower – great cure for mastitis, however, not immediately, after 2-4 showers chest stops hurting

b- Wraps with cabbage. Raw cabbage leaves applied to the chest or tucked into the bra can cure mastitis in just a few hours.


4. Flat Nipplesflatnipple

Your nipples are flat , and you suspect that this may be the cause of subsequent problems with feeding? Do not remove them by force – better ask your doctor whether nipples are actually flat. If so, the gynecologist may recommend that you:

do Hoffman’s exercises – you have to grab the nipple with two fingers and stretch it gently in opposite directions, vertically and horizontally; exercise repeated 2-3 times a day, 10 times

Overlay Correction – you can put them on the breast in the third trimester of pregnancy, first for 2-3 hours, gradually increasing the time up to 8 hours per day

camera pulling the nipple – it is used before a planned pregnancy, during the first two trimesters and early postpartum.

5. Itching Breasts During Pregnancy

When breasts is growing it’s increasing the tension of the skin, which usually manifests itself nagging itch. The most common symptom is harmless, disappearing spontaneously after birth. Our tip: regularly massaged into the skin of the breast oil or moisturizing creams for sensitive skin and atopic – they are composed of substances that inhibit itching.

6. Stretch Marks on Breasts stretch breast

Another, even more unpleasant effect of stretching the skin on the breast are stretch marks. It is better not to wait until they appear, because then already is very difficult to get rid of them. Our tip: to prevent stretch marks, from the beginning of pregnancy systematically oils and moisturises the skin on your chest. To be on safe side use special cosmetics series for moms.


7. Inflammation of the Breast in Pregnancy

If you feel pain, and that the breast is swollen and reddened, along with fever – it can indicate inflammation. Inflammation cause yeast Candida albicans. Our advice: After washing the skin under the breasts forever to dry it thoroughly. Also, wear a good bra that lifts the breast. In a well-matched bra breasts do not touch the skin under the breasts.

If this does not help, you should tell your doctor about this problem, who will prescribe topical antifungal acting preparation. Better yet, check with your doctor

8. The Disparity in Breast Size During Pregnancysizebreast

When breast grow unevenly between them may be less than or greater than the difference in size. In no way is actually not mind – beyond aesthetics, and the fact that it is difficult to choose the right bra then.

Our advice: buying a bra, always choose the cup size that is suitable for larger breast, and to the second bowl insert a special insert complementary cotton.

9. Excessive Sweating

During pregnancy many women complain of intense than ever sweating. If you have very large breasts, probably a big problem is profuse sweating under breasts, especially during hot weather.

Our tip: after the morning shower rub the skin under the breasts a good antiperspirant for sensitive skin, the best odorless. You can also drink two times a day (for several weeks) infusion of sage.

10. Filtration of the Breast Milk During Pregnancy

Bubbles milk in mammary glands are activated and begin to produce food very early – usually around the 16th week of pregnancy. This is called: childbirths milk – produced not for baby, but for testing. It usually does not leave the breast, but in some women this early milk droplets may appear on the nipples already around the 20th week of pregnancy.

The closer to the birth, the more food can come (it’s still colostrum, which appears after childbirth). This is a good sign indicating of readiness for the production of breast milk. Our tip: to protect underwear from water, now start to use breast pads, or special rings (of cotton or cloth) that is inserted into the bra cups. Do not apply an oozing of fluid from the breast, because you can thus stimulate the nipples to even greater secretion of food.

Note: If the nipples will release the liquid tinted with blood, quickly contact your doctor.

Breast Pain and Other Problems With Breast During Pregnancy
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