Influence of Hormone levels on Breast Sizes

Many women wonder what determines the breast sizes?
Why on some days our female breasts are bigger, fuller and in others their size seems to be a bit smaller.
Breast size is not constant. It depends on the level of our female hormones. During the menstrual cycle different hormone levels cause a series of changes in your body. Genitals, skin and hair appearance, general disposition, physical and even intelectual prowess may be affected by those changes. Hormone levels is known to be mobile, so and the size of our breasts is variable.
The good news for women with small breasts is, that fortunately hormones level can be natural increased and thereby increase the bust size! The increasing level of hormones  in natural methods to get bigger breasts is colled a natural breast augmentation method. But before you begin, please read carefully the relationship between hormones and the menstrual cycle and their impact on your breast size.
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Estrogen and Breast Sizes

Each month, women experience a hormone fluctuations that make up the norbreast sizesmal menstrual cycle. Estrogen, which is produced by the ovaries in the first half of the menstrual cycle, stimulates the growth of milk ducts in the breast. The increasing level of estrogen causes ovulation in the middle of the cycle and hormone progesterone takes over in the second half of the cycle, stimulating the formation of mammary glands.

Bust size is typically greater in the second phase of the cycle – particularly at the end of the menstrual cycle and during the first days of menstruation. Breast augmentation is also the first symptom that we are pregnant. Larger breast sizes are also the result of accumulated milk and breastfeeding. Birth control pills which are based on maintaining a woman’s body in a similar phase to the second phase of the cycle, also often affect the growth of breasts, but if you want to enlarge breasts do not have to reach for hormonal contraception.

During menstruation, many women also experience changes in breast texture,  breast feels particularly lumpy. These are the enlarging glands in the breast preparing for a possible pregnancy. If pregnancy does not occur, breast size will return to normal.


Most Important Female Hormones Responsible for Breast Sizes


Estrogens are steroid feminine hormones released by ovaries, sometimes by kernels or the adrenal cortex. Main types of estrogens are estradiol, estriol, estron. Estrogens are common both among animals and plants. Synthetic estrogens have even been introduced into medicine – for instance stilbestrol.\

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2. Estradiol

Estradiol is a natural feminine hormone released by Graaf follicles in the ovaries. Estradiol is a form of estrogen that is produced by a woman’s ovaries. It is important to sexual organ development and reproduction. Estradiol plays an essential role throughout the human menstrual cycle. Elevated estradiol levels in females may result from primary or secondary ovarian hyperfunction. High estradiol levels are found during the induction of ovulation for assisted reproduction therapy or in pregnancy. Decreased estradiol levels in females may result from either lack of ovarian synthesis.

Estradio Reference Range(s)
Female Follicular
Phase: 19-144 pg/mL
Mid-Cycle: 64-357 pg/mL
Luteal Phase: 56-214 pg/mL
Postmenopausal: ≤31 pg/mL

Male ≤39 pg/mL

3. Progesterone

is a steroid female sex hormone produced by the corpus luteum, placenta (during pregnancy) and the adrenal cortex. Allows the implantation of the fertilized egg in the lining of the uterus (previously prepared by estradiol) and maintenance of pregnancy, stops directly and through the anterior pituitary follicle maturation of follicles, estradiol stimulates prepared by the mammary gland – preparing for lactation. It is the most important hormone to maintain pregnancy and prevent miscarriage.\

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Progesterone Reference Range(s)
Follicular Phase ≤2.7 ng/mL
Luteal Phase 3.0-31.4 ng/mL
Postmenopausal Phase ≤0.2 ng/mL

Male ≤0,2 pg/mL

4. LH Luteinizing Hormone

stimulates ovarian function. Thanks to the egg maturing in the women’s ovary end their first division and second division metaphase achieved, then it comes out of the follicle (ovulation) and is ready for fertilization. LH stimulates the secretion then own corpus luteum hormone – progesterone.

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5. FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone)

affects the growth and maturation for about 14 days follicle and secretion of estrogens.



Operation of Estrogen in The First Phase (pre-ovulatory) Results in:

  • maintaining the core body temperature in unchangeable  low level,
  • gradual regeneration of the endometrium
  • separation of the lifting and softening of the cervix,
  • changing the cervical mucus of the observed features of the less fertile very prolific.


In the dominant phase estrogen levels can improve your well-being, improved physical fitness, higher intellectual function and an increased ability to concentrate, as well as an increase in libido and more beautiful appearance. However, estrogen phase is unstable, shaping up to date in each cycle is sensitive to stress, medications and other factors which may affect its course.


The Effect of Elevated Levels of Progesterone During the Second Phase of the Cycle (postovulatory) Calls:

  • increase in core body temperature of at least 0,2˚C,breast size hormones
  • subsequent inhibition of ovulation,
  •  feeling fuller breasts,
  •  secretory transformation of the endometrium (preparation for possible implantation of a human embryo)
  • closure of the cervix, the reduction and multiple,
  • thickening and loss of cervical mucus.

In the luteal phase, there is often a worse physical condition, can exacerbate the symptoms of fatigue and sleepiness, weakened emotional condition, increased nervousness, there is loss of concentration, impaired intellectual function, decreased libido and deterioration of the skin.



Following the female hormones, there are 4 hormone body types :

  1. Progesterone type
  2. Estrogen type
  3. Androgen type
  4. Balanced type

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Influence of Hormone levels on Breast Sizes
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