Damiana Leaf in Bust Augmentation. SEX BOOSTER ! Damiana Tea Recipe

Damiana Leaf – a estrogen herb as sex booster

Damiana leaf, is also known as Turnera diffusa. Damiana is  a small shrub with an aromatic leaf found on dry, sunny, rocky hillsides in south Texas, Southern California, Mexico, and Central America. The leaf has been used as an aphrodisiac and to boost sexual potency, and builds the sexual organ tissues especially in women. That herb has been used as natural remedy for bust augmentation by women over the centuries. Damiana has been also used to treat various conditions including low libido, hormonal imbalances, stress, nervousness and depression. The main benefit of Leaf is that, it is an great  bust enhancement herb.

If you have any  sexual issues, like  a decreased libido or even stunted sexual development, Damiana leaf will hepl you to treat that. In Holland people use it as a tabbacco substitute.

The chemical composition of damiana : 0.5-1% volatile oil,  tannin and damianin (a brown bitter substance), flavonoids, gonzalitosin, arbutin;  essential oils (containing cineol, cymol, pinene), cyanogenic glycosides, thymol and trace amounts of phosphorus.

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The Damiana herb has bright yellow flowers that bloom in the summer, then it gives off a sweet aroma. Using that herb for bust increasing remember, that only Damiana leaf  have the most potent. That’s why farmers typically harvest the leaves when their plants are in full bloom. Note that leaves are saturated with the nutrients and whole other natural compounds what make Damiana its bust enhancing benefits. There are several great benefits of daily using Damiana leaf: 

Damiana Leaf Benefits

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1.  Increases Breast Size.

Damiana leaves contain a very high level of phytoestrogen. Thats why it is one of the best estrogen herbs for bust enhancement. Read more about how phyto-estrogen works for bust augmentation. It is one of the best estrogen herbs (that contain phyto-estrogens and helps to increase our self estrogen in body):





damiana for libido2.  Libido Increase – BEST SEX BOOSTER!

Another benefit that you can get from adding Damiana to your normal diet, is a better, higher libido! It really works as a sex booster!  It have been proven that it works as an aphrodisiac! That bust enhancement herb will boost your sex activity and at the same time will increase your pleasure from sexual intimacy.

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3. Natural Remedy for Depression

Another Damiana leaf benefit  is its supposed role as an natural, herbal remedy for women depression.





Bust Enhancement Pills with Damiana

If you are looking for the best bust enhancement pills, You can find a full list with best review of breast enhancement pills and other products that are made with Damiana leaf.  Note that only the best breast enhancement pills contain Damiana leaf in their composition.  So if you are going to buy the breast increasing pills, make sure to whether they contain Damiana Leaf.

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 Damiana Leaf Side Effects

The only side effects from using this herb can appear in extreme cases, like: Pregnancy or breast feeding. It cannot be used in this cases.  But, for all other women, there are no conclusive studies showing any  side effects from  using it. Herb appears to be safe when taken occasionally. It has a long history of traditional medicinal use and no harmful side effects  reported. But, no many studies have examined the effects of long term uses.  It would be safe to assume that when used in reasonable doses. It has not important side effects.

Damiana for Diabetic

Damiana cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate.  But there are no reliable studies that conclude whether it can really significantly lower blood sugar. All diabetic should keep an eye on blood sugar levels while taking  this herb.


Before you start ensure that you have all your ingredients. Which include a leaf extract, water and cooking containers. If you prefer sweet herbal tea, get some honey(recommended) or sugar to add to the taste of your tea.

The next step is to measure the extract that you want to use. Remember, you shouldn’t use too much of the extract since this can easily bring you complications. It is advisable to take a maximum measurement of about 4g of the extract. Then put this in the container that you will use for boiling. You should then add a cup of water in the container. You should then boil the herbs for an hour.
There are also people who prefer to first boil the water rather than boil the herbs. They first boil the water and once it’s very hot they pour it into the container that has the herbs and lets this sit for about half an hour.

Whichever option you choose to use in how to make damiana tea will work. Use a filter to remove the residue of the extract. You can then add your honey at this point to make your tea tastier.

Dried  leaf can also be sprinkled lightly over salads, soups and cooked vegetables.

Damiana Tea RecipeDamiana uses, dosage, damiana best pills list, Damiana tea recipe. How to use damiana, Damiana leaf , bust enlargement and damiana side effects

To make a tea from  leaves, you will also need a tea brewer or tea pot brewing. 

  •  2 tablespoon of dry  leaves per 1 cup of hot water.
  •  Lightly crush the leaves in your hands to put them inside a brewer.
  • Pour leaves in a cup of boiling water (about 90 ° C)
  • keep it covered for 15-20 min.

ea from leaves is using as a aphrodisiac 1 hour before sex by women and men.

Tea made by soacking 30 grams (ovenight), is maybe far from smooth in taste, but is recommend this as a very nice aphrodisiac. It has a stronger effect on woman, than men.


Damiana over the counter

That herb is sold as bulk herb powder, pills, gel-capsules, tea, and liqueur. It is often combined in herbal products and bust enlargement pills. Damiana tea is difficult to find, but you could search for it in a health food store or just do it by yourself with our recipe.



Damiana Leaf in Bust Augmentation. SEX BOOSTER ! Damiana Tea Recipe
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