Which Enlarging Breasts Therapy is Best for You?

If you want to enlarge your breasts in natural way, you are probably wondering : which Enlarging Breasts Therapy is best for me? Depending on what type of hormonal body you are, you should choose a special Enlarging Breasts Therapy is  designed for you.

Bad choice of treatment – a selection of the wrong herbs will not only not-increase the size of your breasts, but you can further hormonal misalign your body. So it is really important that you need to thoroughly checked what is your hormonal body type and than chose the right one for you herbal therapies.   When you will check and compare the levels of hormones, you will make sure that you chose the appropriate treatment of breast enlarging. If the female hormones will remain on the same level you may increase the dose of the herbs or change it to other ones.


Matching the Natural Breast Augmentation to Your Hormonal Body Type

There are 4 main functions that herbs have on Natural Brest Enlargement:

Phyto-estrogens: Help to increase estrogen levels in the body which causes growth around the center of the breast – This is around the area that the tape measure goes when you measuring your breasts. Examples of phyto-estrogen herbs are saw palmetto, fenugreek, pueraria mirifica, red clover, hops and soy.

Phyto-progestins: Help to increase progesterone levels in the body which helps to grow the milk ducts and alveolis which make up the mammary glands. This causes the rounding of the bust. Examples of phyto-progestin herbs are fennel, wild yam, damiana.

Anti-androgens: block the production of DHT from testosterone. Women generally take anti-androgens to decrease DHT so that there is more room for estrogen. Examples of anti-androgen herbs are: saw palmetto, fenugreek and licorice. (Saw Palmetto works while and estrogenic and androgenic)

Prolactin: is the hormone that actually starts milk production but in Natural Breast Enlargement, it causes swelling of the brest which over time turns to permanent growth. Examples of prolactin herbs are fenugreek, wild yam, fennel and licorice.



breast enlargement naturally-018Basics of Herbal Cures Growing Bust

Estrogenic herbs in the first 4 months of treatment should be taken continuously and consistently until the first symptoms (itching, pain, etc.). After the occurence of symptoms, you can begin increasing challenge doses of the individual components. Of course, if the symptoms begin to occur earlier than two three cycles then increase the dose right away.
If the notice and the subsequent increasing herbs doses do not react to our body, it may be a sign that we should now begin to focus on the equalization of progesterone (if we started the  progesterone type) or estrogen (if we started the of estrogen type).



Enlarging Breasts Therapy for The Estrogene Type

If your body has too much estrogen, you should first of all do not try to reduce their level, but to increase the level of progesterone to a sufficiently high relative to estrogen. What does it mean?
Look at the table where we speaks hormone levels relative to each other, compare the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the various phases of the cycle. Make a study of their hormones and try them after 3-4 months of starting treatment. You will then be able to accurately determine the level of their hormones.
What  herbs to take?

breast enlarging herbsIf you are estrogen body type, then phyto-estrogens are to be taken very carefully, because too large quantities leads to hypertrophy of the number of estrogen over progesterone, which gives counterproductive. The body ceases to produce estrogen and already is blocked.

It should mainly focus on herbs acting as progesterone. Herbs having progestrogene action is i.e. fennel.
It is recommended to also use a cream with natural progesterone. Then, within 2-3 menstrual cycles cam gradually join first Saw Palmetto which also will support the production of estrogen (in small doses, you should note here that the testosterone level is low) and then O to avoid excessive hypertrophy of estrogen over progesterone (must be roughly balance in the body, if it is not the body itself will tend to produce it).
Wild Yam should not be used at the beginning of the treatment as it works as progesterone, and in the case of an initial growth phase is not advisable. Saw Palmetto works while and estrogenic and androgenic therefore also be turning on as it gradually.

Enlarging Breasts Therapy for The Progesterone Type

If you are the progesterone body type to this analogy, you need to take higher doses of fitoestrogens. They will be accepted in the higher doses and longer. First, because you have to compensate for the excess of progesterone and then lead to the progressive overgrowth of estrogen over progesterone. In the case of type progestogen signs of a functioning treatment will mainly improve skin, because as we know the excess progesterone and androgens cause acne.
Then you can enter the Saw Palmetto and at the end of Wild Yam. At the beginning, you can also use herbs that help to “lock” progesterone such as Damian.
Herbs having hundereds high estrogenic activity is lupulina / hops and fenugreek and red clover.

Enlarging Breasts Therapy for The Androgenic Type

breastshapes-089If you’re the kind of androgenic we also focus on the trend, especially herbs having estrogenic activity, but it is leveling the estrogen-androgen excess lasts much longer than other types of hormone. This type of – androgenic, is the most time-consuming and requires the greatest regularity and perseverance in treatment growing bust.
What herbs to take IN Enlarging Breasts Therapy?
The best herbs that act on the type of androgenic are Saw Palmetto and fenugreek.
You can even take it directly in high doses (e.g.. SP of 5000 mg / day) starting on day 1.
It is also good to take Red Cover it will sensitizes estrogenic receptors on herbs.
It should be remembered that the Saw Palmetto transforms free testosterone into estrogen.
A Wild Yam running with progesterone. Therefore, the dose of these herbs increase even more in the phases of the cycle, progesterone or estrogen which have a higher level. Check this article about the level of hormones.
 herbal for breast


The Treatment for Each Body Hormone Type

Red Clover and Saw Palmetto combined together in treatment meet the basic requirements Natural Breast Augmentation – provide phytoestrogens and reduce the production of testosterone and progesterone. Each herb 1000mg 3-4 times a day on an empty stomach should be the basis for treatment. The first signs of breast growth should be noticeable in the first month.
Enlarging Breasts Therapy – the basis of each treatment
Saw Palmetto 500mg / day – increase the 500mg to 3000mg per day (or 5000 if you’re the type of androgen)
Red Clover 500mg / day – increase the 500mg to 3000mg per day
Breast Enlarging Massage with lotion -2-5 times a day


Which Enlarging Breasts Therapy is Best for You?
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