Estrogen Booster Tonic Recipe in Breast Enlargement

Estrogen Booster

Estrogen Booster Tonic – Estrogens are hormones that are necessary for sexual and procreative development, primarily in girls. They’re conjointly brought up as feminine sex hormones. Estrogen Booster helps bring about the physical changes that turn a girl into a woman. This time of life is called puberty.

These changes include: growth of breast, growth of pubic and underarm hair, start of menstural cycle etc. Estrogen also helps regulate the oscillation, dominant in the expansion of the female internal reproductive organ lining throughout the primary part of the cycle.


Estrogen though is a hormone that is not limited to women alone, men also have estrogen but in a very small amount. Keeping estrogen at a healthy level is important for both sexes, but women need more estrogen for normal bodily functions. Unlike that of a man which is minimal, the estrogen in women is what gives a woman the feminine look externally and a well developed reproductive organs internally.

However if a woman’s estrogen level is low it’s likely to be evident in a near or outright masculine appearance. Such deficiency usually result in a muscular body or undersized breast.


The good news is that one can boost estrogen level naturally through dieting. As much as poor dieting is one of the causes of low estrogen level in women, specific dieting has also been found to naturally correct this abnormally.


Estrogen Booster herbs like:

are the most commonly used plants to increase estrogen level in women. These herbs contain phytoestrogens that stimulate the natural production of estrogen in the body.

To get the best out of these herbs for the increase in estrogen level, they can be used to prepare as or added to foods like salad and drinks like tea, which is the subject of our discussion here.



Estrogen Booster Recipes

Estrogen Booster Tonic No. 1

The Best Herbal Tonic to Support the Hormonal Changes that occur before menstruation beings.

Take two to six months — they assist in relieving nervous anxiety, mood swings, irritability, swollen and sore breasts, water retention and cramping.

  • 3 parts chasteberries,
  •  2 parts crampbark,
  • 2 parts motherwort,
  • 1 part oatstraw,
  • 2 parts sarsaparilla root.

Dosage: Take about 20-30 drops ( 2 full table spoons),  2 – 4 / day from ovulation through bleeding.

Estrogen Booster Tonic No. 2 

This recipe is great for general menopause problems

  • 3 parts vitex berries,
  • 1 part wild yam root,
  • 2 parts motherwort,
  • 1 part false unicorn root,
  •  2 parts fresh milk wild oat seed,
  • 1 part Dong Quai root,
  • ¼ part licorice root.

Take as a tincture, 25-50 drops, 2-3 times per day, 5-6 days a week.

Can be used over several months.

Estrogen Booster Tonic No.3 

Combine 1 oz of the mixture with 4 cups of boiling water in a teapot or container with a well-fitting lid.

Let stand for fifteen minutes; then strain the tea and store it in a closed container. Allow to cool; drink at room temperature. During daytime hot flashes, drink 1 cup as often as needed. Or it can be sipped all day. Just be sure to drink the entire amount each day.

Estrogen Booster Tonic No. 4 

  • Take a Motherwort herb, strip the flowers from the stems allowing 2 lbs of sugar to 1 lb of flowers.
  • Beat them together well, stirring the sugar in gradually, then pot and tie down well.

Estrogen Booster Tonic No.5

This is a Special Syrup of Motherwort

  • Cut the flowering stems into small pieces and put them into an earthen pot
  • pour over them boiling water, allowing 1 gallon of water to every 3 pounds of the stems.
  • Cover closely and leave for 12 hours,
  • then squeeze the herbs very carefully,
  • heat the liquid and add a fresh lot of herbs;
  • infuse again,
  • covering closely, and continue to do so until the infusion is strong enough.
  • To every quart of the infusion add 4 pounds of loaf sugar and boil to a syrup and when cool bottle.


Toxicity: Motherwort leaves occasionally produce skin dermatitis when touched. Because of the possible anticlotting effect those with clotting disorders should avoid it.

Estrogen Booster Tonic Recipe in Breast Enlargement
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