Estrogen cream over The Counter

Estrogen cream over The Counter  are modern preparations which, thanks to its hormonal components  stop the aging process, and in almost 95% of cases, regular use – rejuvenate the skin.

Women who use good creams,  containing estrogen regularly obtain great results and look even younger by 10-15 years! The effectiveness of estrogen creams has been scientifically confirmed.

Both clinical practice and testing creams on volunteers, have shown that estrogen contained in the creams is the most active ingredient which has been so far used in creams rejuvenating and smoothing wrinkles!
So if we want to get a younger look – estrogen creams are the only ones, to give us that guarantee!


What does estrogen cream contain?

Estrogen creams primarily contain plant hormones, or natural hormone herbs and hormones produced synthetically.
One of the main components is an extract of soybeans – which is similar in operation to the estrogen women.
The second most popular ingredient is an extract of Centella Asiatica which also as phytoestrogens, has a positive effect on metabolism and effects the synthesis of collagen fibers.

How does estrogen cream over the counter works?

The impact of estrogen contained in creams for your skin is to unlock the collagen genes, and thus on the formation of new fibers persistent firmness and tightness of the skin of the face and neck.  Almost always, patients observe a significant improvement in hydration and flexibility of the epidermis. Another very important action of estrogen on our skin is their effect on blood vessels – better supplied with blood, skin is healthier and has a nicer look.

Estrogen creams over the counter

Estrogen creams over the counter

For Whom the estrogen cream over the counter or local estrogen therapy are?

Estrogen creams are designed for all women who noticed the weakening of facial skin tension, the first wrinkles, have thinner – translucent skin, and for all women entering the menopause.


Estrogen cream over the counter containing Centela Asiatica

Centela Asiatica is used in estrogen creams, though it does not have the active fitoestrogen agent, but due to their strong anti-inflammatory effect. Centela Asiatica is effective against tissue damage of skin aging. Just as phyto estrogens, positively influences the metabolism and synthesis of collagen in the skin.  It also stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid which is responsible for skin hydration and firmness!

Centela Asiatica is a known measure of scientifically proven regenerative action, prescribed by doctors for over 20 years (as an eg.,Wound healing of the skin and other skin problems)
Plant extracts of Centela Asiatica are so very valuable ingredients of anti-aging skin and create wrinkles creams , particularly for women in menopause.

Soya Fitoestrogen in estrogen cream over the counter

Fitoestrogens contained in creams have a positive impact on the tone and hydration, as well as skin elasticity and firmness.  It Stimulates  the  production of  hyaluronic acid which retain water and moisture in the skin.

Applied externally in cosmetics by the powerful antioxidant properties prevent oxidation and damage to cell membranes. Also inhibit the action of proteaes eg. Kolagenezy decompsing collagen fibers of the skin. Another very interesting effect due to the aging of the skin is anti-inflammatory effect of phytohormones.

The aging process is closely linked to the ongoing and escalating inflammation that destroys the tissue and cell damage blood vessels – there is a narrowing of light and reduce their number. In Alzheimer’s disease and atherosclerosis (two diseases occurring only in the elderly) proved damaging impact of inflammatory cells on defective organs. Similar mechanism of cell killing by inflammation seems to be one of the most important mechanisms of aging.

Topical estrogen balance these phenomena. Under their action the vessels widen, and the skin becomes better blood circulated and nourished.

breast enlargement naturally-002

Estrogen creams – the great way to get bigger breasts

Breast estrogen cream over the counter  – as an addition to hormonal replacement estrogen therapy

Estrogen creams may be in addition to estrogen HRT (hormone replacement therapy), which are taken orally as a hormonal pills.

Estrogen creams are effective additive acting from the outside on the skin of the face. Many studies confirm the beneficial effects of estrogen on the skin – increasing its hydration, reduce water loss, increase the lipid surface and prevent dry skin.

The vast majority of studies emphasizes the protective effect of hormone therapy (HT) on the phenomena associated with aging skin, document their beneficial impact not only on collagen, but also on the elasticity of the skin and the function of some skin appendages.

However, when taking oral hormonal preparations, be sure to consult with your doctor in order to match the cream according to the ingredients.

Because excess hormones can have a negative impact on a woman’s body.


Cream over the counter  with natural progesterone

As progesterone and estrogen hormone are having a huge impact on the appearance of the skin. It’s deficiency during menopause greatly – as well as estrogen deficiency – contributes to skin aging.

Creams and lotions with progesterone, used in menopause can remove wrinkles. As demonstrated in the studies – the application to the skin cream with 2% progesterone once daily for 6 months, giving a clear effect of reducing the number of wrinkles, improving the flexibility and overall appearance of the skin


Creams with natural progesterone as well as estrogen are hormones that has an impact on your skin.

Effects of estrogen on the skin is varied. Direct the appropriate nutritional status and hydration of the skin.    Estrogen receptors found in the skin tissues, stimulate immunity to germs and bacteria. With estrogen skin creates new capillaries (on the facial skin is so thin that it almost invisible) that supplies the skin with oxygen, energy and water. Thanks phytoestrogen, collagen contained in the skin properly maintain the required level of hydration – and remember that when the skin loses collagen, begins the era of wrinkles.


Estrogen creams affect the strength and health of the skin.

Estrogens are involved in immune reactions (immune) pending in the skin. Accelerates wound healing, determine the so-called. Skin-controlled cell death (apoptosis), which allows to maintain constant and at the same time the optimal number of cells. Estrogen creams  affect potentially dangerous removed skin cells, such as:

old cells, cells infected with viruses having DNA damage or even cancer cells.


Effects of estrogen deficiency – the aging of the skin

Estrogen deficiency leads to a reduction in the thickness of the layers of the skin, loss of elasticity.

Estrogens have an impact on the flexibility and the characteristic structure of the connective tissue of women.

The deficit of estrogen also causes drying of other important products of skin – mucous membranes of the mouth, eyelids and the eyeball.  A particularly severe changes in the mucosa of the urogenital system.  The disappearance of the subcutaneous tissue of the labia, which is caused by a decrease in collagen content.

Furthermore, the formation of cracks in the lining of the vagina, reduce the production of mucus, vaginal moisture loss, which has an effect on pain often occurring during sexual intercourse. For this symptom complains about 25% of postmenopausal women who are sexually active.

Other disorders consequence is to increase the secretion of mucus in vaginal pH, which reduces the protection against germs and causes an increased incidence of inflammation. Very often coexist with these amendments also inflammation of the urethra and bladder.

The effects of excess estrogen – degenerate skin

Under the influence of the menstrual estrogen excess fluids move from the blood into the surrounding tissue and accumulate in the inter-cellular spaces, causing watery swelling, known to many women and frequent during menstruation. If the condition persists a few days – is not a pathology but a normal physiological state.

However, the extension of this situation and the persistence of excess estrogen in relation to progesterone is already pathology.

The creation of the local pressure causes swelling of the skin cells, which are worse at this time nourished and begin to function properly. The result is excessive expansion of the cells and the accumulation of fatty substances.  Another change is a local inflammatory conditions which cause serious fibrosis and degeneration of connective tissue.


Estrogen formulations increase skin thickness

Numerous studies have demonstrated a beneficial effect on the inhibition of estrogen preparations collagen loss. This applies to both general and topical estrogen preparations. For example, documents that the use of the so-called estrogen or estrogen implants gel significantly increases the thickness of the dermis.


 Estrogen creams over the counterEstrogen cream over the counter – results

Creams containing estrogen are slow, but the long-term. Influence affects all important life processes of tissues and organs – eg.

Maintain the proper level of energy substances:

glucose, electrolytes and water.

In women on nutrition and appearance of the skin are strongly influenced by female sex hormones – particularly estrogen and progesterone.


Hormones reach the skin

Estrogen rubbed into the skin as creams hormonal skin reaches the tissues via the blood.  Also, estrogen taken orally reach the skin through the blood – therefore, estrogenic creams are the active ingredients for improving blood circulation. Recall that hormones such as estrogen and progesterone produced in the endocrine glands. Endocrine glands term arises from the fact that the hormones are released directly into the blood.

Estrogen cream over the counter with Estradiol

Estradiol is the most important group of estrogen. It is often the main ingredient in  estrogene creams. Use of this female hormone stimulates the production of collagen in the skin even in the elderly. Estradiol is one of the few, is a potent estrogen creams.

Types of estrogen creams over the counter

Each of these is distinguished by a different active composition. Creams among natural fitoestrogens of plant origin, for example. Of soy, the estradiol – the main and most important group hormone estrogen.

A large range of hormonal creams or progesterone creams create a dual hormonal composition: estrogen and progesterone with.
The hormonal creams is a whole range of additional ingredients that improve blood circulation in the skin, its thickness, firmness and support estrogen effects like cream and parabens.  From year to year an increasing amount of estrogen creams are available without a prescription. They differ in their composition, price and usage

Estrogen creams are used for different purposes:

  • Estrogen creams for the face
  • Estrogen creams for the body
  • Estrogen vaginal creams

Creams breakdown due to their hormonal composition:

  • Fitoestrogen creams
  • Creams with estradiol
  • Progesterone creams
  • Creams with fitoestrogen and progesterone

Check out the TOP LIST of estrogen and progesterone creams 

breast estrogen and progesterone creams

breast estrogen and progesterone creams

What kind of estrogen cream over the counter to choose?

Type of the cream depends on the  problems woman suffers . If you want only to rejuvenate the appearance of our face – we can independently use creams without a prescription. Their work carries no any side effects if you do not accept other hormonal drugs.

Carefully check the estrogen cream before buying, and compare it with other creams. A good cream should contain appropriate concentrations of the hormone – depending on whether you choose estrogen cream or progesterone cream their concentration can be neither too low nor too high. For low concentration does not bring any results, too high again, can contribute to the formation of unpleasant side effects. It is not easy to find a really good Estrogen cream over the counter. Check the top list of Estrogen cream over the counter.

Proper hormone levels in different hormonal / estrogen creams over the counter:

  • Estrogen cream: estrogen concentration should be between 1 – 3%
  • In progesterone Cream: progesterone concentration should be approx. 2%
  • In the cream of the composition of two different estrogen:
    estradiol concentration should be approx. 0.01%
    estriol approx. 0.3%
  • Additional important ingredient in creams: glycolic acid of 12 – 15%
Body lotions with estrogen

Estrogen cream and lotion on the entire body are most often mentioned as the use of estrogen should take place only on a small area of the body. If we use estrogen creams over a large area of the body can lead to excess estrogen – and it also carries side effects. Body lotions and estrogen cream over the counter are used basically in estrogen therapy.

Estrogen cream over the counter or hormone therapy?

Estrogen cream over the counter are designed for women who noticed the weakening of facial skin tension, the first wrinkles its the best estrogen therapy. If a woman suffers from multiple hormonal disorders, it is best to give up the estrogen creams available without a prescription and start hormone therapy under the supervision of a doctor. Because therapy  much better will improve condition of the entire body than just creams.
The therapy is made up of estrogen cream over the counter, vaginal creams and hormonal pills taken orally.


Check out the TOP LIST of estrogen and progesterone creams  and much more about estrogen cream over the counter!

Estrogen cream over The Counter
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