Estrogen Replacement Therapy Side Effects. Oestrogen Therapy for Menopause

What are the side effects of Estrogen Replacement Therapy?

Estrogen Replacement Therapy is called HTZ. The most commonly used in HTZ methods of treatment is the constant or periodic application of estrogenes and progesterones.

This treatment provides a stable level of estradiol in the organism and normally is well tolerated. The pharmaceutical market offers many estrogen products for oral, vaginal and trans-dermal use.

Estrogen Replacement Therapy. How big is the danger and what it depends on?

Side Effects of Estrogen Replacement Therapy is what every women should learn about. The vast majority of women tolerate the treatment well. However, in some cases undesirable reactions may occur. Generally they appear in the beginning of the treatment and disappear later during the therapy.

Side Effects of Estrogen Replacement Therapy (Hormone Replacement Therapy Menopause ):

  • Cramps of leg muscles may occur as well as slight swelling or a painfull streching of the breast, rarely mild nausea caused by the lack of hormonal balance between the estrogenes and the progesterone.
  • While using modern estrogenic plasters local skin irritation can be rarely observed.
  • The occurrence of irregular spotting or vaginal bleeding always requires a gynecological consultation.

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Side Effects of Estrogen Replacement Therapy in Menopause – Can it be a Cancer?

There is no indication that Oestrogen Hormonal Therapy has an impact on ovarian cancer. Nevertheless, the fact that estrogen can aid some types of cancers is known for a few years now.

Estrogen Replacement Therapy  is about supplementing the oestrogen shortages in the organism. Every woman who tested her hormone levels and knows that it is minimal can safely use and should use Estrogen Replacement Therapy . One has to set a right dose of the fitoestrogenes diet as to maintain an accurate level of that hormone in the organism.

That is why one should do at least 3 blood test for oestrogen level in the first months of using the therapy. Then the estrogen treatment will be safe and in favor of one’s health.

Before You Begin the Estrogen Replacement Therapy Menopause :

  • Estrogen Replacement Therapy is only for women with low estrogen level.
  • A blood test for the level of estrogen is a necessity.
  • One cannot exceed the estrogen dose fixed for her, as it ensures maintaining the ideal level of that hormone.

Everything about the hormonal blood tests and about the right level of estrogenes in the organism was described in the article “Hormonal tests“.

bioidenticam hormonal therapyIs Estrogen Replacement Therapy effective?

The Estrogen Replacement Therapy is a major step done by science in treating feminine illnesses caused by menopause.

The oestrogen therapy always improves the state of a woman suffering from the menopause illnesses caused by the decrease of the hormone level.

Positive Side Effects of Estrogen Replacement Therapy.

Oestrogen therapy (Estrogen Replacement Therapy ) used on skin by cream application and orally may reduce almost entirely symptoms such as:

  • hot flushes,
  • the dryness
  • burning feeling in the vagina,
  • it is easier to control the urination.
  • The patient no longer suffers from menopause related mood swings and insomnia.
  • The therapy arrest the development of osteoporosis, preventing bone fracture and the consequences of such fractures.
  • The increased mortality rate of women after menopause caused by the consequences of arteriosclerosis (e.g. a stroke, heart attack) can be reduced by half when using hormonal therapy.


Side Effects of Oestrogen Therapy

Which test should be done and how to control the organism during the Estrogen Replacement Therapy?

Before and during the treatment the following  tests are recommended: mammary gland palpation and a gynecological examinaton. A mammography and an ultrasound of the reproductive organs.

  • Smear test – All women should regularly do a pap test. When using HTZ you do not need to do any additional smear tests.
  • Mammography – Women over 50 should regularly do a mammography. Women who use HTZ should do this test once a year. If you observe any changes in your breast or you found a lump contact your doctor.
  • Breast examination – All women, no matter whether they use hormonal medicines or not, should examine their breast and pay attention to potential changes.If you suspect a lump or your breast changed in any way contact your doctor.
Estrogen Replacement Therapy Side Effects. Oestrogen Therapy for Menopause
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