Female Hormone Imbalance – Hormone Correct Level Tables

Female Hormone Imbalance and Bioidentical Hormones

Using our specially designed hormone level table you can check yourself, if you have the right balance of hormones responsible for the size of your bust. And If You have female hormone imbalance, then You can check, what kind of hormonal body type you are and  what kind of therapy use in your case.

Note, that even if all the hormones are in normal level, it does not mean that they are suitable levels relative to each other.

Hormonal imbalance is the biggest reason for the small – not developed properly bust.

If you already did hormonal tests, you know the results,  you can alone, without the help of a doctor to check their mutual relations.
This way you will be able in 100% to determine your type of hormonal type and select the appropriate treatment for you.

Why some enhancement pills and herbs work great for us and other not?

Remember, that each type of hormonal therapy is complebirth control breast growth birth control breast growthtely different.
If you start taking medications for breast enlargement or herbs as you think it is right, or choose recommended by the manufacturers
(or by a colleague for which worked good), do not expect that it will work well in your case too.
Breast enlargement pills (with Bioidentical Hormones) or herbs that work properly on your girlfriend, does not necessarily will work well for you.
Your friend may be a type of oestrogenic (bioidentical hormones), and maybe you are a androgenic type?
Then the effects of the same supplements will be completely different.
Before you buy any breast enlargement pills or herbs:
  1. check your hormone levels
  2. determine which are the type of hormonal
  3. then choose the right breast enlargement supplements with bioidentical hormones, such whose components are perfectly matched to your hormonal needs.

Why it is so matter to check my female hormone imbalance?

If you are the type of progesterone, and without deeper hormonal analysis you will begin to apply the preparations that contain herbs accelerate the production of estrogen (bioidentical hormones), you can further reduce your bust.
With herbs and preparations containing extracts of herbs is not to be trifled with.
Remember, that it is neither difficult nor time-consuming, and this is an important prerequisite to achieve greater bust – which is our goal.

female hormone imbalance

female hormonal phases

OK, I Have Done my blood tests for estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, what next?


So, if you already know the results of your hormonal blood tests – turn to an analysis of the proportion of hormones responsible for breast size.
How to fill the tables to check my female hormone imbalance?
  1.  Select the table for the corresponding phase of the cycle in which doing research. Each phase has its own table.
  2.  Select the color box in the table which is a result of your hormone.
  3.  The correct pattern should reveal the encircling three hormones that will appear on the right side of the table.



blood test results.bmpYour results should lay roughly in the shape shown on the right side of the table 


female hormone test result.bmp
Your results should lay roughly in the shape shown on the right side of the table:

female hormonal test results.bmpYour results should lay roughly in the shape shown on the right side of the table:

How to find out if we have female hormone imbalance ?

Example how to use the tables:
Kate made blood test for hormones  in her 20 day  menstrual cycle. So, it is the luteal phase (look on pic below)
Kates blood test results are: estradiol 60,2; progesterone 8,23; testosterone 0,68
So it will appear in the table as follows:
luteal phase blood test results.bmp
female hormone blood test results
This means, that Kate has female hormone imbalance  and she is the ANDROGENIC TYPE – because testosterone rises with us on other hormones.


You can check this in two ways:
2. doing hormone blood test and check with our tables for checking female hormone imbalance.
female hormone imbalance means that, one of the hormones is much higher than the other – this type of hormone you are.

ANDROGENIC TYPE in female hormone imbalance
When You have low levels of estrogen, low progesterone and high testosterone

Estrogenic type in female hormone imbalance
Estrogens high, medium and low testosterone, progesterone

PROGESTERONE TYPE in female hormone imbalance
High progesterone at medium or low estrogen, testosterone normal or low

Female Hormone Imbalance – Hormone Correct Level Tables
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