Female Hormones – Check Your Hormone Body Type

What are female hormones?

Our hormones level determine our health, mood and appearance. Before starting the natural breast enlargement therapy you have to know about main female hormones and define your hormone type. To check your hormone type you can do our easy female hormones test on your own. However, if you are not sure of your type or you want to check the level of your female hormones you should go for hormone test. This test is very simple, you will get the results the next day, all that is needed is a blood sample and you don’t need to be fasting.

There 3 main female hormones : Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone.

What does Estrogen do :
  • Stimulates breast growth
  • Maintains vaginal blood flow
  • Causes lining of the uterus to thicken during the menstrual cycle
  • Keeps vaginal lining elastic
  • Maintains, regulates and triggers the production of other hormones
  • and many others
  • learn more about estrogen responsible for breast size!
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What does Progesterone do:
  • Stimulates the growth of breast tissue
  • Stops the uterus from contracting (thus keeping the baby where it is)
  • his female hormone prepares lining of the uterus for a fertilized egg and helps maintain early pregnancy. This is the main hormone that keeps pregnancy
What does Testosterone do:

Although it is basic man’s hormone, testosterone is also a female hormone and is important to women’s sexual health in property, low level:

  • Plays a main role in women’s estrogen production
  • Is responsible for woman’s libido
  • In high level causes inhibition on breast growth, male look of woman’s body and many other


Following the female hormones, there are 4 hormone body types :

  1. Progesterone type
  2. Estrogen type
  3. Androgen type
  4. Balanced type


hormone body type

hormone body type

Female hormones  blood test

Performing the hormonal test from the blood is quite important, first you make sure of the level of your female hormones  and second, repeating the test again after a month or two, you can get 100% proof that the breast enlargement herbs really work.

You will check and compare the levels of hormones, you will make sure that you chose the appropriate treatment of breast enlarging or if the female hormones will remain on the same level you may increase the dose of the herbs or change it to other ones. tests has therefore nothing but advantages, it is also fast and affordable.

How to do the hormone test for female hormones?

Go to the nearest clinic and ask about hormonal tests. You can test the two most important female hormonesestrogen and progesterone, but to be safe you should also test testosterone. Yes, yes, women also have testosterone, it is not only the male hormone, and although we have very little amounts of it there are women whose body overproduces it, which is the cause of not growing breasts and of their small size. Test also the level of testosterone, it may be that the first two female hormones have the appropriate level and that testosterone is the cause of your small breasts.


Natural breast enlargement

Natural breast enlargement

II. Check your female hormones body type at home:

beloved you will find 4 list of hormone body types:


1.  Progesterone type (gestagen type)

  • slim body shape, lack of the waistline, tallness
  • small and flat breasts
  • oily skin, acne
  • calm behavior
  • lack of PMS or light ones
  • scanty menstruation from 2 to 4 days
  • long cycle, about 36 days
  • no/scant vaginal discharge
  • frequent calf cramps
  • late first menstruation


2. Estrogen type

  • body shape: obese or slightly built, round buttocks and loins
  • large breasts and wide nipples
  • dry hair, dry skin
  • nice skin – no acne
  • decrease in libido
  • frequent fatigue and sleep problems
  • severe premenstrual syndrome
  • cycle of less than 28 days,
  • painful and plentiful menstruation, 5-7 days
  • early first menstruation
  • plentiful vaginal discharge
  • severe vomiting in the first trimester
  • slow metabolism
  • instability of moods


3. Androgen type

  • Increased body hair all over the body and the appearance of a mustache
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Small and flat breast
  • Small nipples with a little hair
  • Excessive sweating
  • Skin changes with seborrhea
  • Acne on the face and the back
  • obesity
  • Alopecia or scant hair of the head
  • Difficulties in getting pregnant
  • Women fighting attitude


4. Balanced type

If you see some characteristics of one, and a bit of the second type (eg. feminine physique with simultaneous sparse, short menstruation), you’re probably the balanced phenotype.
Excess of progesterone with estrogen deficiency causes mammary glands do stop developing and the skin and hair take on male characteristics.



The female hormones level in body is  moving, at each stage of the cycle to another level. Therefore it is important that you chose a particular day to study, for example the 1 or 7 day of the menstrual cycle.

Write down this day, because after some time you should do the same test in exactly the same day of the cycle.

Very important is to check the growth hormone during our therapy, so that you will know whether to increase or maintain the dose of herbs. If you do the female hormones test on a different day of the cycle the results will be completely different and you cannot compare them with each other.

Female Hormones – Check Your Hormone Body Type
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