TOP 13 Best Remedies for Gynecomastia Treatment !

If You have gynecomastia and want to know How To Reduce Breast Fat fast, you will find an answer right here!

If you have really big problems with gynecomastia and you have read some about it, probably you already know, that the quickest way to get rid of gynecomastia is going under the knife for a cosmetic procedure. But is it the best way? Maybe you would  rather cure gynecomastia naturally?

Many women and men wonder: how to get rid of gynecomastia easy and fast?  Well, there are 13 best ways to reduce breast fat really easy and naturally.

Large breasts (men’s gynecomastia) can cause physical and emotional problems for many women and men. They may occur several problems with health, include back pain, neck pain,  rashes under the breasts, tenderness, and shortness of breath. Women who have gynecomastia can have a difficult time during normal day activity and even buying clothes that will fit and look well.

But why should be that way? Why not change that? There are really great and natural ways answering the question ‘how to cure gynecomastia’!?  

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Before Starting Gynecomastia Treatment:

  •  Check if you are not pregnant
  • Check your diet. Some food is high in estrogen, maybe you eat it too much? Read about estrogen diet to get know what to avoid
  • Check Your hormone level. If You have too much estrogen in body that will be the reason why you have too big breast.

To check your estrogen level use simple home blood tests, you can get them online here: Estrogen Dominance Saliva Test for Hormone Balance – Estradiol & Progesterone

Male breast reduction. Lose moobs quickly and effective

Male breast reduction. Lose moobs quickly and effective

Gynecomastia Treatment

– Method No. 1  
estrogen blocker


Avoid Foods High in Estrogen. Reduce high estrogen food,

salts, fats and sugar. The estrogen food is really one of the best ways to enlarge breasts – so you should just to avoid it.

The higher level of estrogen you will find in: Dried Fruits, Flaxseed,  Sesame Seeds, Chickpeas, Peas, Beans, Tempeh, Alfalfa Sprouts, Bran Cereals, Soy and Soy Milk, Tofu, Soybeans.

From that moment try to eat nutrient-rich foods.


Gynecomastia Treatment

– Method No. 2

Exercises For Reducing Breast Size. 
This is the most common form of effective reduce bust fat.  Breasts can be reduced really fast with the best  exercises  for that. You must do it daily and regularly. Push-ups are the best and fastest way to gynecomastia :


Gynecomastia Treatment

– Method No. 3

breast reduction massager

Use a electric massager.

Massage is one of the best knowing remedy to reduce body fat. Note, that there are several other metodes od massaging.

For example  there are a special breast enlarging massages, which are based on different movements.

To reduce breast fat, it will be the best if you will  use a special electric massager.

Use the strongest, most powerful electric massagers to get rid of moobs in short time. Use it as many times as you can. Remember, the more often you use the massager and the greater is the power of it, the faster you get rid of fat – not only on chest. But only really strong massagers, will assist in burning fat, and what is important for women, the strongest massagers eliminate cellulite in a very short time.

Gynecomastia Treatment

– Method No. 4 

Drink Ginger. In is a traditional medicine used in gynecomastia treatment.  It is proven that ginger helps to get rid of unwanted fat from the body. How to prepare ginger:

  1. Boil 1 teaspoon of grated ginger in 1 cup of water
  2. add a  honey  or raspberry syrop.  sip it slowly.
  3. Drink 2 to 3 cups/day


Gynecomastia Treatment

– Method No. 5 

Eat Flaxseeds in gynecomastia treatment. Flaxseeds contain  omega-3 fatty acids.  They active great with reduce estrogen level in the body. As we mention above,  too high estrogen level is very often the biggest  reasons of  enlarged breasts.

  •  take 1 to 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil/day


Gynecomastia Treatment

– Method No. 6 

Breast reduction pills. One of the most popular way to reduce  breast size are special pillsAlexia Breast Reduction Pills that helping to reduce breast size.

here you can read full article about BREAST REDUCTION PILLS

Breast reduction pills may really help you to reduce your breasts fat, especially if you have to much estrogen or hormonal imbalance.

Remember to take it with proper advise, or just ask your doctor about them.

You can check the best Breast reduction pills online here:  Breast Reduction Pills

Gynecomastia Treatment

– Method No. 7 

Breast reduction creams are one of the best remedies for gynecomastia. This special type of breast creams assist body breaking down excess fatty and glandular tissue just as it would naturally.

Breast reduction creams will leave you  for sure with the smaller, firmed breasts.

 Use special Breast reduction cream that will help you to:Alexaderm

  • sculpt breasts and whole body
  • get smaller and firmer breast
  • lift the breast

The best breast reduction creams you can check here: Alexaderm Breast Reduction & Contouring Cream


Gynecomastia Treatment 

– Method No. 8 

Far East Summit - Hoelen Five Formula 32 ozHoelen in Gynecomastia. Hoelen is a wild growing mushroom which is generally can be find under the roots of Red pine tree. Hoelen is a type of fungus and has great medicinal value.

Hoelen herb is used as a basic active element in most common breast reduction pills.  It is proven, that it helps reduce fat and mass of the breast. But you should talk to an expert before using this, to get sure is fine for your body.


Gynecomastia Treatment

– Method No. 9 

Rubia cordifoliaRubia cordifolia (Manjishta). Rubia cardifolia is, mostly  used in treating gynecomastia called ‘men boobs.

Rubia extract helps maintain the hormonal level and reduce breast size in men and women.

Rubia is used in case of women  who have enlarged breasts if they have too high estrogen level.

This herb controls the hormonal level really great and is mostly recommended in reducing breast size along with blood purification.


Gynecomastia Treatment

– Method No. 10

Guarana in gynecomastia.  guarana

Guarana is a herb that mostly used in South America by women to regain their normal breast size after lactation. Is a base for  many breast reduction pills but it can be used as a pure herb as well.

This has tannin and caffeine. Note, that Guarana has maximum caffeine included in it. It is much more than coffee.

Taking Guarana, metabolic rates thus targeting the adipose tissues of breast and the result  is the breast fat reduction.

Gynecomastia Treatment

– Method No. 11 

fix posture with moobs

For Men with gynecomastia – Fix Your Posture.

Working behind a computer or just sitting, can tighten your chest muscles and cause slouching shoulders.
That will make your man boobs look really worse.
Use the special chest binder! But be careful buying it.  Many sellers have similar binder on sale, but just made of microfiber. They are much cheaper and that is the reason why they tempt many customers to buy it. Unfortunately, even though they look alike the true chest binders, they do not act in any way to reduce and improve the appearance of the breast.
Only the product sewn with a special extra strong and flexible material is able to strongly pull the chest.

Read more about 3 best bust reducing exercises for men here.


Gynecomastia Treatment

– Method No. 12 

Neem and Turmeric in gynecomastia.

Neem and turmeric solution is great women who want to reduce breast fat or just  get rid of the inflammations caused by breast feeding or  infections. What you need to do, is :

  • boil some neem leaves in water
  • strain the water,
  • add turmeric and some honey to it
  • drink the mixture.

The usage of this tonic helps you reduce breast fat as well thus will treat women’s infections.


Gynecomastia Treatment

– Method No. 13  

Eggs & Onion in gynecomastia treatment.  Another natural way to cure gynecomastia  is simple to use Eggs and Onions.



  • Take Egg white and beat it with a little cream.
  • Apply that mixture under your breast area and  breasts nicely.
  • Keep it there for 30 min.
  • Take juice of one full onion and mix it with water
  • Rinse the mixture over the breasts with it.

This is very useful  help in breast reduction using the chest compression wrap. Just put the mixture on breast area and pull tight the wrap all over the chest for 30 min.

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TOP 13 Best Remedies for Gynecomastia Treatment !
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