Hormone Blood Test results OF Female Hormones.

After reading the results of hormone blood test, you can (but you do not have to ) go to the doctor.

Presented below are tables  of correct hormonal blood test results. We are using those tables, so we will be able to easily determine whether the result is correct, and what it means.

If you have right hormone level, your score should fit between the minimum and maximum values. If it not, You have female hormonal imbalance.
Keep in mind that the most important is the day in which you did the hormone blood test.

Why ? It is because for each phase of the menstrual cycle, the results of hormone blood test will be different.

TSH cycle phase are negligible. In the first 4 days of hemorrhages do not do any hormone blood test.

The best hormonal self tests

The best hormone tests you can get online here: Female/Male Saliva Profile III – Test Kit For 8 Hormone Level Imbalances


Always read only the results of the table assigned to the phase during which you did the hormonal blood tests.

hormonal female blood test result.bmp-001

hormonal female blood test results.bmp

Interpretation of Hormone Blood Test Results.:
If the results of your hormone blood tests are in the normal, ie between the min and max values show in tables above – you can consider that everything is in order. Unfortunately, it may not be. Why?
Each of these female hormones is the norm, this means that the level is good. But, not so much hormone levels must be within the norm that must also be in proportion to other hormones.

Let’s say that your results are mixed in the standard and are in a 20th day cycle, so in the luteal phase:

  • ESTROGEN: 60 pg/ml
  • PROGESTERONE: 8,6 ng/ml
  • TESTOSTERONE: 0,7 ng/ml


What is the result? Look at this, which is closer to the border are the results?

  • Estrogen is hardly the norm,
  • progesterone is also not too high
  • for this testosterone is very much!  It is located almost at the upper limit of normal.

So, the proportions of these hormones relative to each other is not competent, so they are not suitable. Remember that all hormones you can increase or reduce them level using special bioidentical hormones.


In luteal phase you should have the following proportion of hormones responsible for breast growth:

Most should be the progesterone, only just slightly less should be estrogen a very low testosterone.
But our hormone blood test show that estrogen is low, progesterone also is low, testosterone for it is high. So it is not  a good proportion of those hormones relative to each other.

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Right Proportion of Hormones Responsible for Breast Growth

What Does it Mean That the Result of the Hormone Test is good, But the Proportions of Hormones in Relation to Each Other are Wrong?

Remember, that when we say that the estrogen level is high – it means that the result is between the average and the highest value of this hormone.
And if we say that there is not enough estrogen in proportion to the progesterone – it means that even though the estrogen result is large, the result of progesterone in their standards, almost at the maximum limit – and this means that progesterone is very much, too much relative to the estrogens.

The determination of the appropriate proportion ESTROGEN, PROGESTERONE AND TESTOSTERONE will help you the tables shown in article “Female Hormonal Imbalance’

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