Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women After 30′ with Menopause Symptoms

Hormone Replacement Therapy after 30 – what is it?

Hormone replacement therapy works by supplementing the amount of female hormones (mainly oestrogen) of the circum- or post menopausal women.
The application of female hormones has an impact on the whole of a woman’s organism. The  bio identical hormone replacement therapy eliminates the menopause completely or makes its ailments easier to bear.

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Kinds of Hormone Replacement Therapies For Women After 30Pueraria Mirifica pills

There are different kinds of hormone replacement therapy for woman. We can use chemical or bioidentical hormones (herbs) and applied them by different ways.  To women without the uterus only oestrogen is applied.

However, for those women who still have the uterus both oestrogen and progestational hormones ( progestagens  – synthetic hormones acting like natural progesterone) are advised. The last ones suppress the negative effects of oestrogen activity and protects the endometrium against expanding to much.

bioidenticam hormonal therapyHormone Replacement Therapy For Women After 30 is Matched For Every Woman Independently

Every bioidentical hormone replacement therapy should be administered by a doctor. The doctor knows the patient based on her hormonal tests results may advise an oestrogen cream only for her which will ideally match her hormone level.

The doctor can also advise using cream with oestrogen and progesterone. If the menopausal symptoms are intensive the doctor can prescribe oestrogen pills or advise drinking brews or teas out of hormone herbs.

Rules of Hormone Replacement Therapy Menopause

breast enlargement naturally-004Modern-day women live on an average of 30 years after having menopause, and that is why if they suffer from bothersome symptoms (like skin ones) they may undergo hormonal treatment.

The main point of the therapy is to replace the inactive hormonal functions of the ovaries by supplying oestrogen and progesterone or it’s derivatives (progestogenes) in minimal effective doses.

Recently there is only one general obligatory rule of individual match of the kind and dose of the hormonal medicines, so that it fits the patient’s needs and age.

There are no general hormonal replacement therapy rules.

Every therapy is different- specially modified by the doctor according to the patient’s hormonal tests.


Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women After 30Using hormonal replacement therapy is safe only when the woman was accurately examined and the kind of hormonal drugs, including oestrogen creams, was perfectly matched to her organism by the doctor.
The main risk in hormonal therapy are the blood coagulation disorders.

Women udergoing the hormonal bio-identical therapy are believed to be from 2 to 4 times more at risk of having blood coagulation disorders. In addition, according to modern-day research the hormonal bio-identical therapy also increases the risk of having breast cancer by the unmatched increased intake of oestrogen.

This risk occurs when a woman applies the estrogen therapy for over 10 years.
Contraindications for using estrogen hormonal therapy:

  • breast cancer;
  • endometrial cancer;
  • meningioma in the case of using gestagens;
  • venous problems
  • major blood circulation problems
  • acute liver insufficiency

breast enlargement naturally-047Discontinuation of hormonal replacement therapy

If the Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy will be rapidly stopped, the symptoms might return:

  • dryness and burning feeling in the vagina,
  • urinary incontinence,
  • migraine headaches,
  • joint pains,
  • hot flushes etc.

In this case the doctor may prescribe e.g. local use oestrogen preparation (cream, vaginal pessaries). Check out the : Top list of Estrogen Creams Over the Counter

Forms of Hormone Application in The Bio-identical Hormone Replacement  Therapy

Hormones may be applied in different forms.hormonal replacement therapy implants

The woman may ingest hormonal pills or use plasters saturated with hormones, which are gradually released. Those hormonal plasters can be applied on forearms, on the back from the level of the navel to the thigh’s half-length. Each time the hormona plasters should be applied in a different place on which the skin is smooth and there are no varicose veins. The flaw of the plasters is that they fall off and can cause a local allergy.

Hormonal Implants – Last way in Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women After 30

Sometimes women are offered subcutaneous implants with gradually released hormones. This form of therapy is not very effective and it has a major flaw – the implants may fester and cause inflammations.

Vaginal pessaries and intrauterine device

estrogen therapy for woman

Hormonal deficiency, especially estrogen deficiency can be supplemented using :

  • vaginal pessaries 
  • a cream with an applicator
  • by applying an intrauterine device which slowly discharge gestogens.

If a woman use a the device like this she also has to swallow pills with oestrogen or apply plasters. Various combinations of hormones are commonly used in Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women After 30.

Hormone Replacement Therapy For Women After 30′ with Menopause Symptoms
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