Hormone Test Crucial in Breast Augementation

Hormone Test Crucial in Any Breast Enlargement

If you have decided on starting with a natural breast augmentation,  you should define your body type and do a hormone test of 3 female  hormone levels responsible for breast size:

  1. ­estrogen
  2. ­progesterone
  3. ­testosterone


What are Hormones?

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Hormones are our body’s chemical messengers. Hormones  have a huge influence on our lives. But if they don’t function well, do a hormone test to find out, what goes wrong.

There’s no reason why you have to become slaves to them. Do a hormone test at home and adjust them with hormonal herbs like saw palmetto

The best hormone tests you can get online here: Female/Male Saliva Profile III – Test Kit For 8 Hormone Level Imbalances

Hormones are responsible of:

  • Growth and development
  • Metabolism – how your body gets energy from the foods you eat
  • Sexual function
  • Reproduction
  • Mood
  • Breast size!


Why should you do this hormone test?why to do hormone test

This 3 female hormones should all maintain precise proportion and cooperate for the benefit of a woman’s body. It’s not that their quantity should be identical – on the contrary!
Precisely in this lies the magic of their impact on the size of the bust. These hormones are not only different levels to each other (one another is less and more), but also changes the level of approx. a week.

You can get the estrogen blood test online here: Estrogen Dominance Saliva Test for Hormone Balance – Estradiol & Progesterone

What does it mean?

This means that one should have more of estrogen and progesterone less, the difference should be small as a few days should estrogen and progesterone extremely increase, but this time there must be more estrogens. Another day again estrogens should be very little a lot of progesterone. Testosterone again should be in small quantities every day. If this does not happen, if your hormones are not jumping properly and their level is insufficient for the day of the cycle. It means, that you have a dysregulated endocrine and hence your breasts are small.  That’s why it does so matter to do the hormone test of your female hormones.

 You can define your body type with out hormonal body test


Thyroid and Bad Hormone Level

One reason for the bad hormone levels may be ill hormone thyroid, overactive or under active.  Thyroid sends information to the brain on how much hormone to be produced. So let’s, together with the study of these hormones do one more thing: do a hormone test – the study of the thyroid: ie. TSH – TSH perform further testing.

For women in the 18 – 35 years normal TSH = 2,5mu / L.

If your score is in the range of 2-3 is also valid. If you find that you have inadequate levels of TSH necessarily go to an endocrinologist. Sick thyroid is very dangerous for the whole of your body. Score less than 2 is hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism is greater than 3.
The endocrinologist will help you normalize thyroid hormones and thus, perhaps, your three hormones responsible for breast growth also will be produced in adequate doses!

When is the best time to do a hormone test?

Select the appropriate day of their execution to do the hormone test. There are 3 phases during the menstrual cycle:

  1. Follicular phase – lasts from 4 days of bleeding and lasts until ovulation
  2. Ovulatory phase – lasts exactly one day during ovulation
  3. Luteal phase – lasts from the day after ovulation until the next bleeding.
hormone testThe duration of the phases in a typical 28-day cycle is as follows:

Follicular phase –      9 days
Ovulation –                    1 day
Luteal phase –           14 days


For hormone test day select, eg.7th day from the date when bleeding occurred. You will then have confidence that you are doing research in the follicular phase. Or the 20th day – if you are sure you are doing hormone test in the luteal phase.


It is important to know your ovulation day.  How to do it?

Ovulation does not occur in the middle of the cycle as is commonly believed. Look at your menstrual diary in recent months. Take for example the previous month and start counting backwards starting from the 1st day of bleeding. Count 14 days backwards. This is day 14 backwards  you had ovulation. So if you started to bleed April 20 this means that you had ovulation on April 6. Bookmark this way the last couple of ovulation and count the day of the cycle in which they appear. You may find that doing ovulation in 13 or 15 days cycle.

At irregular menstruations ovulation jumps every few days. Determining the best day of ovulation. Ovulation tests are cheap to buy in pharmacies. They are made just like pregnancy tests.


10 Tips to keep your Female hormones balanced

  1. Avoid High Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fats
  2. Eat natural, not processed food (use some herbal too)
  3. Limit the Caffeine and alcohol
  4. Supplement Wisely (get Vitamin D and Magnesium)
  5. Avoid Toxins in chemical (used in house cleaning)
  6. Sleep enough
  7. Fix Your Leptin
  8. Exercise Lightly
  9. Use Some Coconut Oil in your kitchen
  10. Lift Heavy Weights
Hormone Test Crucial in Breast Augementation
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