Breast Enlargement and Female Hormone Balance

Hormonal Balance in Natural Breast Enlargement

In natural breast enlargement with the usage of herbs, the most important thing is to keep the level of 4 hormones high and ideally balanced between them. If there will be more of one hormone and proportionally less of the other ones, the effect of natural breast enlargement will not be visible. The first step one has to take before taking  herbs is: Define your hormonal type

The most common mistake made by women during the natural breast enlargement therapy is supplying the organism with too much estrogen. The safest way to balance the level of estrogen is to use phytoestrogen herbs for example  Pueraria mirifica,

Fenugreek or Wild Yam (bio-identical hormones for Low Estrogen Symptoms in females). They may be called intelligent because when the estrogen level is too low they increase it and lower it when it is too high. Pueraria Mirifica is really an important herb in natural breast enlargement.
You cannot use an overdose of the herbs during your natural breast enlargement therapy hence, they are very safe.

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hormonal balance

Hormonal balance in natural breast enlargement

4 Main Hormones Influencing Breast Growth in Breast Enlargement

Every woman know that hormones influence breast growth. But the majority of women link mainly estrogen with this process, but in fact, breast growth is stimulated by 4 hormones:

  1. Estrogen
  2. Progesterone
  3. Prolactins
  4. The Growth Hormone
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1. Estrogen (and Estriol )

Estrogen is the key hormone but if you focus only on estrogen herbs you may supply too much of it. The unused estrogen will cause the closure of the estrogen receptors, which means they will not influence the breast size. This is the most important hormone in natural breast enlargement.

2. Progesterone

Progesterone is another important, breast enlarging hormone. Your body produces progesterone naturally as a part of the menstrual cycle, but you can also increase it by using natural progesterone crème e.g. with soya or Wild Yam extract.


3. Prolactins

Prolactins are breast enlarging hormones that are produced by women during pregnancy or puberty. Prolactin is responsible for the development of the mammary glands and the increase of the adipose tissue in the breasts. Prolactins can be stimulated by herbs (like fenugreek) or by breast massages.

4. The Growth Hormone

The Growth Hormone stimulates the growth of the whole body. The highest level of this hormone is during puberty up to the 25th year of life, so it is important to increase it during this time to help the breasts grow. The Growth Hormone can be increased by sleeping– at least 8 hours every night and by intensive training few times a week.

Proper Level of Hormones and Small Breast

If your breasts are small it means that the level of those hormones in your body is too small.

Keeping the right level of those 4 hormones is therefore the basis for breast enlargement.
If your breasts are not growing as fast as you want, make sure you pay attention to all the hormones. The topic of hormones which influence breast growth cannot be treated briefly. Do not think that you will enlarge your breasts only by taking large amounts of hormones!
You might take too much of a certain hormone and your breast will not grow.

Not every woman with small breasts has a shortage of all 4 hormones. It may be that there is a deficiency of two or three hormones, and the rest is at the right level.

That means, starting with natural breast enlargement you only have to make up only for those hormones whose levels are too low.

In order to enlarge your breast you have to upkeep the balance between all 4 hormones.
To find out the level of each hormone, take hormonal tests or try to define your hormone type.


The excess of testosterone and Saw Palmetto

The Excess of Testosterone and Saw Palmetto

Natural breast enlargement can be achieved by a right mixture of hormones containing estrogen, progesterone, prolactin and growth hormone. You can use a bio-identical hormone pills and herbs.

However, there is one hormone that can stop breast growth by its influence – it’s testosterone.

According to the US Health Department, up to 30% of American women have the symptoms of the overflow of testosterone. Testosterone not only reduces breast growth because it restrains the emission of estrogen, it may also cause acne and hair thinning.

Saw Palmetto is a traditional androgenic herb used in natural breast enlargement. It is scientifically proven to have a reducing effect on testosterone and by that improving the skin and hair condition, healing acne and making women breast grow. It is a safe and natural way to balance your hormones and make your breasts bigger. And that is what we want in  natural breast enlargement!

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Breast Enlargement and Female Hormone Balance
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