HOW TO MASSAGE THE BREAST ? Hot-cold breast massage and other techniques


Before the enlarging breast massage, find a moment to relax, switch off for a moment and forget about everyday things. Although the bust massage should be performed very gently as well as steadily do not think of it as a form of control.

The boobs massage can be performed while taking an evening bath or in the morning.

If you have the time for it you can also listen to good, peaceful music and relax for a moment lying on the carpet. Only after that proceed to the massage.

For the enhancement massage use a little bit of inactive cream from avodaco oil or better still natural plant oils, do not use intensively perfumed ones or those with minerals.

Enlarger and Firmer Breast Massager with vibrations


How to massage the breasts taking warm salt shower

You can perform the breast massage lying, sitting or standing while taking a shower, but do not use too hot water.Pour some salt into warm water and some lemon juice to the cold one.Apply the towels earlie drenched in those solutions to your breast.



Breast ice massage- how to do it?how to massage breast with ice

Ice massage can be very effective for the signing of sagging breasts and to uplift the breast.
How to do massage with ice cubes?
Take two  cubes of ice and start to massage bust in a circular motion around the boobs for 2 minutes.  If you feel pain or your  breast skin is very sensitive do the ice breast massage for one minute, take a rest and continue one more time for 1 minute. This breast ice massage will help to tone the skin of the breast and improve blood circulation in breast


hot cold breast massageHow to massage bust with Hot-Cold shower?

Alternating hot-cold shower, should be always finished with a flow of cool water.The water cannot be either very cold or very hot. The handheld shower has to be far from the body and the water flow should be quite intense, the moves must be round, but you have to omit the nipples. After the hot-cold breast massage you can additionally rub your skin with a rough washer (but it cannot be too rough).



Olive compress combined with bust enlarging massage

How to do massage with homemade avocado oil? 2 times a week apply a warm olive oil compress with vitamin A+E on your breasts, next rub it in gently. The bust massage has to be done carefully and gently with smooth, round moves, you have to be careful not to outstretch the skin. Try our avocado oil recipe!


HOW TO MASSAGE THE BREAST ? Hot-cold breast massage and other techniques
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