Top 10 rules in Increase Breast Massage


Increase size Breast  massage is used to increase size of the breast, stems from old Shiatsu massage techniques. Breast increase size massage is also good in preventing the body from aging. Breast massage is usually associated erotically, but this time it’s about something entirely else.

When it comes to enlargement, the effects are noticeable as early as after three months, and additional centimeters, if they occur, usually can be seen after a year. It is therefore a method for patient and persistent ones.

Breast massage is completely safe as long as you follow a few simple rules.

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Top 10 rules in Increase Breast Massage :

  1. the massage can’t be painful, never cross the pain barrier
  2. massage your breasts regularly-it’s more effective
  3. use creams with phytoestrogenes
  4. hyaluronic acid also helps in enlarging your breasts by water retention
  5. massage in the direction of the armpits
  6. if you are using cremes or oils don’t massage the nipples
  7. don’t stretch the skin or the nipples
  8. the massage is more effective when performed by a man
  9. use hot-cold therapy
  10. if you feel pain or lumps under the skin stop the breast massage  and go to a doctor


What Results can You Expect of Increase Breast Massage?

breast massagerIncrease Breast Massage can not compete in terms of efficiency with implant surgery.

Breast usually grow slightly, rarely does the cup size change. Often, however, women observe that previously worn cup ‘B’ is no longer loose, but completely filled.

The effect of massage, however, will always improve the appearance of the breasts, as they will become firm and more rounded.

Frequent breasts massaging makes the skin smoother, often reduce stretch marks.


How to strengthen the effectiveness of  Increase Breast Massage ?

 breast massage

Daily massage your breasts with streams of water from the shower, use alternating hot and cold shower. It will make them more firm. When massaging, use breast enlarging and firming olive or cream.

Try to keep soya in your diet, as it has plant hormones that stimulate breast growth.
Take care of the skin of the breast and decollete using tension and firming masks once a week.

From time to time use professional treatment in a beauty parlor.

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Top 10 rules in Increase Breast Massage
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