Breast Augmentation Exercises – Special Breast Aerobics!

Aerobic Steps for Increasing Bust Size

Breast Augmentation ExercisesLearn How to  Increasing Breast Size with our special Exercises.

Here are the best news for females with small breasts!  You possibly can grow your breast up even 2 cup in size with an ‘Unusual’ Breast Enhancement Aerobics.

Our special  bust aerobics can help stimulate your breast growth and help you gain a fuller and firmer breast-line. Although our breast exercises are often advised as a part of yoga or basic aerobics of the like, they can also help improve the shape and size of the breasts.

For instance, our enlarging breast massage exercises (with help from bust enlargement creams) can help you get bigger boobs size 2 times faster.

The below exercises should be performed 6 times a week, with a one day break.

Breast Augmentation Exercises Step By Step


Breast Augmentation Exercises no.1

Lay down, with your back on a thin bench with your knees bent, hold 1 to 3 kg weights in each hand. Begin with closing-up your hands above your head with slightly bent elbows, next, while exhaling air we lower the limbs (the bent elbows should be on the level of the bench), and during the inhale we once again rise the limbs closing-up the hands over our heads.

Breast Augmentation Exercises  no.2

Resting on your knees (your lower legs crossed) and arms lower your chest to the point when your nose will almost touch the floor, count to two and rise your chest up.

Breast Augmentation Exercises no.3

Sitting on the floor take the ribbon that is under your feet. Next, pull the ribbon so that the elbows will bent at a right angle. Keep this position and count to two, next relax the ribbon returning to the starting point.

Breast Augmentation Exercises no.4

Lay down on your back. Deflect your knees up to 45 degrees. Spread your feet up to the width of your hips.Take the weights. Spread your arms on the floor in a way that the body would form the letter T.
Place both hands (with their backs facing the floor) on the level of your chest. Drag your elbows a little bit to the body: the forearms should lay perpendicularly to the body. Strain your abdominal muscles and try to push your spine as hard as you can to the floor.

Pay attention that the lumbar part does not cumber up. Slowly rise both hands to the center- the palms should be moving by a gentle arch. Do not stiffen your wrists, but also do not bend them inside or outside.Close-up the hands. When they almost contact, keep them in this position for a moment, next lower them slowly to the floor. Remember that the elbows should be bent in the same angle. Do not straighten your arms while lowering them.

Try to imagine that your stretching down and sideways an elastic band affixed in the point placed a half of a meter above your breastbone.


Breast Augmentation Exercises Pace

One round is about 8-12 repetitions of one exercise.

Each time you should do three rounds of one exercise

raising your hands for 3 seconds – 1 second pause – lowering your hands for 3 seconds

If your not able to repeat this exercise 8 times it means that your weights are to heavy.

Try with lighter ones.  Soon you will be able to increase the weight.

Breast Augmentation Exercises – Special Breast Aerobics!
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