Natural Estrogen and Its Effect on Breasts

Natural Estrogen is a very important group of female sex hormones, which play a primary role in the female body. Without estrogen, reproduction is impossible and the body of a woman resembles men. Estrogen is produced mainly in the alveoli located in follicle in the ovary. In particular, estrogens are located in the corpus luteum and placenta.

Estrogen is the key hormone but if you focus only on estrogen herbs (or Bioidentical Hormones ) you may supply too much of it. The needless estrogen will cause the closure of the estrogen receptors, which means they will not influence the breast size. This is the most important hormone in  natural breast enlargement.

Role of Natural Estrogen

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Natural Estrogen production leads to another hormone, luteinizing hormone, and thyroid. These are the most important estrogens for women. Other less important estrogens are produced in much smaller amounts in other organs, including the liver and adrenal glands and breast.

These secondary sources of natural estrogen are very important for young women, but are of great importance for women who have undergone menopause. If woman has too low estrogen level, she can try Bioidentical Hormones.

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estrogensWhy natural estrogen is so important for women?

Estrogens have a great impact on our femininity, their role is undeniably useful for women’s health and beauty. It is estradiol is responsible for the transformation of a girl into a woman. Estrogens are responsible for the maturation and therefore the occurrence of menstruation.

Suitable levels of estrogen affects our feminine silhouette. Natural estrogen during puberty and pregnancy makes hips to expand and grow breasts. Also contributes to an increase in desire for sex and therefore are responsible for your libido.

It is thanks to, among others, natural estrogen skin is supple, firm and hydrated. They interact with other hormones or Bioidentical Hormones in the formation of capillaries that supply the skin with oxygen and nutrients.

If estrogen levels are correct it also inhibits sebum from the skin and prevents the formation of acne and greasy hair. But this does not end the role of estrogen. Estrogens facilitate the deposition of calcium in the bones, preventing osteoporosis, increased blood clotting and the number of good cholesterol.

The Most Important From Estrogens – Estradiol.

The most important of the whole group of estrogen is estradiol. It is estradiol which affects the size of the bust. The level of this most important of estrogen – estradiol varies in different phases of the menstrual cycle, and the highest value obtained just prior to ovulation.

The Level of Natural Estrogen in the Female Body.

If the thyroid and luteinizing hormone malfunctioned, estrogens are produced in inadequate amounts. Too low level of estrogens causes a number of complications in the body – inter alia-  infertility, mood swings, problems with complexion, small breasts and unfeminine physique.

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The Role of Natural Estrogen:

Estrogen / Estriol in women is important for the development of sex characteristics, including breast development, as well as for the regulation of the menstrual cycle.

Other features of natural estrogen is:

• acceleration of metabolism;
• Reducing muscle mass;
• thickening of the lining of the uterus;
• increasing vaginal lubrication;
• thickening of the vaginal wall;
• an increase in the formation of bone tissue.

Natural Estrogen Deficiency

Natural estrogen deficiency and its effects has a very negative impact on a woman’s body. Can cause dysregulation of menstrual cycles, and even their absence. First of all estrogen deficiency may contribute to infertility.

Symptoms of Estrogen Deficiency:


• hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disturbances;

• vaginal dryness, loss of elasticity of the vaginal tissue;
• infertility,
• Men silhouette
• skin problems like acne
• urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence;
• a decrease in libido or the lack of desire for sex
• mood swings, depression;
• impaired memory;
• small, firm breasts;
• loss of collagen and hydration in the skin layers;
• bone tissue loss, an increased risk of osteoporosis;
• cholesterol levels, increased risk of heart disease.

Excess estrogen and its effects:

Excess estrogen frequent in obese women in pregnancy, diabetes, hypertension, and also in women with preparations containing this hormone.

The Effects of Excess Estrogen:

• headaches;
• atherosclerosis;
• vaginal infections;
• cramps;
• weight gain;
• fibroids;
• hot flushes;
• deregulation of the menstrual cycle;
• Depression;
• lowering of self-esteem;
• mood swings;
• memory disorders.

Examine the Level of Estrogen and Other Hormones.

If you experience any of the symptoms that may indicate an excess or deficiency of natural estrogen or any of the hormones. If, for example,you have a male figure with small breast or for a long time unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant, you should go for a hormonal test.

For the correct result of examination, is not without meaning, at what point you are in a cycle at the time of blood collection.

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Estrogen Diet and Herbs List

If You need to encrease your natural estrogen level, the best to do this are estrogen herbs and special estrogen diet.

About the Estrogen you can read in our article where you can find whole estrogen diet plan.

All about the estrogen herbs you will find in articles devoted to them. The Most poppular estrogen herbs are:


Natural Estrogen and Its Effect on Breasts
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