Motherwort as a Natural Estrogen Booster For Breast Enhancement.

Motherwort is a Natural Estrogen Booster using in  Breast Enhancement Therapy.

It is one of the best natural estrogen boosters that we know. It is a herb, that contains phytoestrogens and also  encreases our own estrogen level in our body. That is exactly what women need to get bigger breasts.

We can use is as a fresh herb or dried which  is used for making motherwort tea. You can also make yourself a herbal blend, combining them with other herbs, what exactly is described in the article: our special herbal blends


What is Morherwort Herb? 

A herbaceous perennial plant in the mint family. Motherwort a is Natural Estrogen Booster. Having its origin from Centeral Asia and southeastern Europe, it is now cultivated worldwide owning to its use as a herbal medicine. With wedged shaped basal leaves having three points on the lower and five points on the upper, supported by a square shaped stem. They are grayish beneath and slightly hairy above. On the upper part of the plant is the flowers with a bell-shaped calix and five lobes on the leaf axil having three-lobed bracts.

Motherwort Usesmotherwort-plant-image

Motherwort of the mint family is a herb that serves various purposes.

  • is  a Natural Estrogen Booster
  • taking with progesterone herbs increast breast size
  • it is used to promote blood circulation,
  • lower cholesterol,
  • regulate fast heart rate,
  • relieve stress on the heart muscles.
  • western herbal medicine considers motherwort as one of the finest heart tonics. It is particularly regarded as the best herbal tonics for women.
  • It is valuable in a wide range of female disorders, this being the source of its name.
  • regulates the menses,
  • helps stimulate delayed periods,
  • Motherworth is a remedy for menstrual cramps like the ones accompanied by scanty menses.
  • combined with scullcap and/or valerian can help relieve childbirth pain and stress.
  • is used mainly in the preparation of breast enlargement creams and breast enlargement pills because of its strengthening and stimulating effects. It is usually combined with a host of other herbs.


How to Use Motherwort for Breast Enlargement

Natural Estrogen Booster – it is a herb that naturally increases the level of estrogen in our body with no side effects. It has very similar action and force  as other estrogen herbs,  for example  red clover or funegreek. To use it in natural breast enlargement should add it to your daily diet in one of the ways listed below.

  • 2-4 cups of Motherwort tea / day
  • as a syprop – 2-5 table spoon / day
  • Tonic from fresh or dried herbs, 2 cup/day
  • M. Liquid Extract (drops )
  • Motherwort Pills

Motherwort Tea For Estrogen Boost Recipe

motherwort-teaTake 2-3 full tablespoons of dried  herb per 1 cup of hot steaming water.

Wait 15 minutes. Drink 4 cups a day in first 2 weeks, then reduce dose to 2 cups/day and stay with it.

You can add some raspberry syrup as well.


How To Grow Motherwort?

To grow Motherwort in the home or own garden, we need seeds. To start property, they need to be stratified for several weeks. After that, seeds can be sown directly to the flowerpot  or garden area.

Cut them  back to 3-5 inches after flowering, but before those seeds mature.


Motherwort Natural Estrogen Booster

Supplements Best Review

Motherwort-Liquid-Extract-HawaiiPharm1.  Alcohol-FREE Liquid Extract

Price: about 19$

About the Product:

  • Highest Strength  NON-Alcohol liquid extract! 
  • Motherwort NON-Alcohol liquid extract contains ONLY natural ingredients!
  •  dried material / solvents ratio is 1:3!
  • the BEST  herbal glycerite on market!

motherwort-22. Nature’s Answer Motherwort Herb – 1 fl oz – Organic Alcohol Fluid Extract
Price:  about 11 $
  • Organic Alcohol Fluid Extract (1:1)
  • Leonurus cardiaca
  • Super Concentrated 2000 mg
  • Gluten Free, Low Alcohol
  • Liquid extracts are absorbed faster than pills

3. Swanson  Motherwort Pills 400 mg 60 Capsmotherwort-3

 Price:  about 12,5 $
About the Product:
  • Swanson Premium
  • Swanson Full Spectrum400 mg 60 Caps

motherwort-44. Gaia Herbs– 1 oz, fluid

 Price about 12,6 $
About the Product:
  • 1 Fluid Ounce
  • Scientific Name: Leonurus cardiaca
  • Liquid Extract – Organic
  • 500 mg crude herb equivalent per serving
  • Vegetarian And Organic

motherwort-65. Motherwort Instant Tea 25 bags

Price about 12,5 $

About the Product:
  • Motherwort Tea instant bags
  • The bitter, spicy leaves of the plant affect the pericardium and the liver when taken for health purposes.
  • These properties make the herb effective for health complaints such as suppressed menstruation, poor blood circulation, heart problems like arteriosclerosis, nervousness, and insomnia.


motherwort-76. Dried Motherwort herb pack

Price about 9$

About the Product:
  • Premium Loose Cut/Sifted from 100% Nature
  • Used for natural antispasmodic
  • Known to be for Cardiac Tonic
  • Enjoy nature’s refreshness and healing
  • Ship from Hicksville, New York
Motherwort as a Natural Estrogen Booster Supplements Best Review
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