What is the Natural breast enlargement?

Natural Breast Enlargement

is one of the most popular non-invasive home methods for breast augmentation.

Breast always was and will be the most beautiful part of a female body. They are admired by everybody, not only men! Breasts are the source of inspiration for many writers and for photographers. They are the object of artistic excitement. Unfortunately, not every woman has beautiful and large breasts.  However, because of the increasing chemical interference in grocery articles and more genetically-modified food, women breasts became smaller and smaller.


Why does it happen?

Estrogen Foods List - Foods Containing Natural Estrogen

Estrogen Foods List – Foods Containing Natural Estrogen

Simply speaking, the hormones in our body are responsible for the growth of our breasts. Their regular level was guaranteed by the hormones supplied by vegetables in our diet. From the beginning, natural food products like vegetables, fruits and herbs, were the source of plant hormones by which our own body can produce female hormones that are responsible for our feminine curves, the functioning of the thyroid etc.

Nowadays, the food products are preserved in such a way that the vegetables and fruits in the grocery shops are completely deprived of vegetal hormones. That is why women lack them and their breasts cannot grow.

This explains the increase of the small breast problem.

One can easily observed that women living at the countryside, where many people grow their own vegetables and drink fresh milk from live cows (effective in estrogen production), have larger breast than women living in the cities. Eating their own, non-modified crops, they unconsciously enlarge their breasts.

Home methods for natural breast enlargement

Home methods for natural breast enlargement

Home methods for natural breast enlargement

Today home methods for breast augmentation are available for the majority of women. There are many methods allowing achieving satisfying results in short time. They are all based on returning to what was lost- the natural growth of breasts without surgery involved. You will find out which specifics to use, how to combine treatments and how to chose the right natural breast enlargement method for yourself.

The Key Elements To Natural Breast Enlargement Are:


What Makes Your Breast Grow?

The growth of the breast is as a result of the increase in the female hormone – estrogen.

During the menstruation cycle the woman’s body changes.  Many of those changes can be observed on breasts.

breast massager

Breast Enlarging Massager Bra

In the lutheal phase of the cycle, after ovulation (where progesterone is more active than estrogen), the breasts and nipples enlarge and water is retained in the body because of the progesterone, which may cause swelling of the breasts.

Observe how quickly the breasts change their shape due to change in hormone levels in the body. It becomes clear that the right level of hormones makes our breast grow bigger.

That is why before starting your own natural breast enlargement therapy, you need to know your body hormone type and supply it with herbal  hormones. Also combining it with enlarge massages and special breast exercises.

Hormones and their role in breast growth

Majority of women know that estrogen is the hormone mostly responsible for the shape of women breasts, but the development of breast tissue is far more complex and requires a balance between4 types of hormones equally responsible for the growth of beautiful and firm breasts:

  • Estrogen
  • Progesterone
  • Prolactin
  • Growth Hormone.


What are phytoestrogens?

Phytoestrogens are the most important vegetal hormones in natural breast augmentation. They are plant equivalent of human estrogen. They are totally safe and don’t have any side effects.

They link with the estrogen receptor, preventing it from interfering with human estrogen. Scientists observed that those vegetal substances have an anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal effect and blocks the development of bacteria.

Herbs used in natural breast enlargement

Herbs used in natural breast enlargement

Herbs used in natural breast enlargement

Natural breast enlargement is mostly based on phytohormones herbs.

Herbs used in order to enlarge the bust may be applied in many forms. They could be brews and decoctions, but they also exist as pills. The form doesn’t matter as long as the dose is appropriate for the day of the woman cycle.

In natural breast enlargement, herbs with phytoestrogen are used, which has an anti-androgenic effect, they retain the changes in testosterone and increase the level of estrogen and many other things.

What is the Natural breast enlargement?
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