Red Clover in Breast Enlargement! Uses, Dosage, Benefits Recipes!

Red clover is also known by its scientific name Trifolium pratense. It is a plant under the herbaceous classification of the Fabaceae family. In the wild, it grew in western Asia, Africa, and Europe. For its many uses, it is now cultivated in many other places.

The plant is small generally speaking. It can grow as big as 80 cm but is usually of around 30 cm. Its most important characteristic is the flower that grows at the end, of 1 to 1.5 cm long. The flower is important in nature for bumblebees living, and it produces many substances for medicine use we will talk about later. One of them is what serves for breasts enlargement.

On the flower stalk of a red clover usually grow three leaflets, each of them not much bigger than the flower. The overall arrangement of leafs and flower is also common in floral arrangements.

Red Clover Uses

From ancient times, red clover has been used with medical porpoises. Traditional medicine in India and North America used it in many ways. The most common are:

  • Antidermatosis agent.
  • Anti-inflammatory use.
  • Antispasmodic plant.
  • Common colds.
  • Expectorant properties.
  • General sedative instrument.

For those properties, it has been used to treat simple diseases like coughs, or other more complex illness like cancer or lymphatic system disorders.

As usual, traditional medicine is not wrong. Red clover is used to produce medicine. The main components that act to treat illness are extracted from the flower tops. One of the most important elements is called isoflavones, which is a hormone-like chemical that boosts estrogens.

Healing herbs in hessian bags

Red Clover Uses for Women

This herb can be serve for women in several ways, for example:

  • As an aid for breast tenderness or mastalgia.
  • For breast enlargement.
  • Reducing PMS problems (premenstrual syndrome).
  • To decrease the unwanted symptoms of menopause.
  • To treat breast pain.

The whole process has to do with the isoflavones, which the human body converts into phytoestrogens. This compound is similar to estrogens, which is the female hormone that is responsible for keeping balance and thus preventing most of the mentioned female discomforts.

Red Clover is an Estrogen Herb. Estrogens are also responsible for your breast size, and the more you have, the bigger they’ll grow. To increase your estrone levels naturally is a good natural way for breast enlargement.



Red Clover in  Breast Enlargement

Red clover is a natural way to get phytoestrogens due to its high content of isoflavones.

The phytoestrogens act as estrogens in your body. One of the side effects of increasing your estrogens levels is the natural growth of breasts.

Breasts are one of the most attractive features on women bodies. They can attract men and are a sign of being female. Big breasts are much more appealing. The alternatives for breast enlargement are many, but the most known involve surgery. That is a risk to health, and it should be avoided.

There are natural ways to enlarge your breast. On this article, we have prepared a complete guide on how to use red clover for natural breast enlargement. You will find that your natural breast can get bigger without going into surgery procedure. To use a natural way of breast enlargement is also recommended to avoid the risk of losing sensitivity on your breast area. You will get the whole sensation package by using a natural way for breast enlargement.

Red Clover Benefits

Besides all the benefits as an aid to the health cond
itions mentioned above, red clover is a natural way to get phytoestrogens due to its high content of isoflavones.

The phytoestrogens act as estrogens in your body. One of the side effects of increasing your estrogens levels is the natural growth of breasts.

Red Clover Dosage

  • When you are taking red clover naturally (pure herb), for breast enlargement, it is recommended to take at least 400 mg a day, not exceeding 800 mg.
  • When you are using a red clover supplement, there are different presentations, and you should check how much red clover or isoflavones are present on the particular product you are using to keep into this range. Since they might have some other compounds, it is better to check the manufacturer’s recommendation.


Red Clover Supplements

For breast enlargement, red clover can be used in the form of tea if you have access to the flowers. If not, in most places, it is easier to get red clover supplements.

Most specifically designed red clover supplements are not specifically targeted for breast enlargement but it does not mean that they do not serve this purpose .The isoflavones will work either way, and you will notice your breast have grown as a side effect what is a main effect for us, who want to get bigger breast. Those products that are specifically labeled as breast enlargement products have a higher amount of isoflavones.

The effects can change on every woman, and results can vary significantly. You should notice improvements after two weeks and a significant difference in 6 months. Some women go slower, and it can take up to a year to see a significant increase.

Red Clover Best Recipes 

red clover teaFrom May to September you can easily find red clover on your local market if you are living in the United States. Somewhere else in the world, you should look for summer months, when the conditions to grow red clover are optimal.

When you are buying red clover for tea and tonics, it is important to choose the product that has the most purple and pink blossoms on it. Some vendors will send just the green stems and leaves. However, the most content of isoflavones come from flowers, and that is what you should be looking to get the benefits of red clover for breast enlargement.

The most common use of red clover is to prepare teas. However, there are other delicious tonics and beverages you can make. Here are some ideas. It is ok to mix them during a day or week to get something different every time.

1.Red Clover Tea Recipe

red-clover-recipeTo prepare red clover tea is straight and smooth, and it will take you no more than 20 minutes.

  • You will need three teaspoons of dry red clover blossoms and 1 liter of hot water.
  • Once the water is hot, steep the red clover flowers for 15 minutes.

 Tea Dosage: For breast enlargement, you can drink  tea three times a day. Using it instead of your regular beverage is ok. You can add lemon to change the taste once in a while. It is ok to put sugar on it, but it will be healthier if you don’t. You can add honey if you can’t resist something sweet. To make a change, you can drink it cold. Just add some ice to the tea, and it will have a new and fresh flavor.

2. Recipe – Red Clover Jelly

red-clover-jelly-syrupThe red clover blossom infusion is a variance for red clover tea if you have access to fresh red clover blossoms.

  • You will need a cup of red clover fresh flowers, and a jar of hot water.
  • Place the flowers first before you fill the jar with hot water.
  • Put the lid and let it steep all night (between 4 and 10 hours).
  • Strain the red clover blossoms, and you can drink 2 to 4 cups of these infusions during the day for breast enlargement.
  • the still hot brew add a little gelatin to make the red clover jelly

If you don’t drink it immediately, you should save it in the fridge. After 48 hours, it’ll spoil, so don’t leave it too long.

3.Red Clover Tonic Recipe

red-clover-tonicYou can prepare a many tonics out of red clover. For breast enhancement, the following are some ingredients you can use:

  • Irish moss.
  • Oregon grape root.
  • Poke root.
  • Prickly ash berry.

Typically the tonics are made with water or honey as the base ingredient. If you prepare a tonic, drink 15 to 30 milliliters three times a day, which is one spoon for breast enlargement. You can use tonic instead of tea or infussions.



Red Clover Pills Review

There are many red clover supplements available on the market today. The easiest way to find red clover supplements is online. Here is a list of some of the best-sellers.   There are other supplements specifically designed for breast enlargement that uses herb as part of their mix.

Besides pills, you can also find red clover in the form of extract. If you cannot have access to the whole plant for teas, you can use the clover extract

Do not exceed the 40 mg dose when you are using the  extract. One of the most popular products is: Herb Pharm Certified Organic Red Clover Extract ( NO. 1 on the list above)

ALWAYS check the real drug content! As you can see in the figure on the right side, Pills content is 525 mg but only 25 mg are from blossom. Remember, that only blossom has estrogens, so  we are only interested in  flower suplement, not whole herb.

If you are looking for a good supplement, this list is a good place to start:


71talco6pbl-_sy679_1. Herb Pharm Certified Organic (1 Ounce), from Herb Pharm

  • The best red clover extract in our opinion!
  • It has a convenient eyedropper for ease of use.
  • Expertly extracted from the blossom and leaf of Trifolium pratense plants.
  • Rapidly absorbed liquid extract.
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO.



redclovbl2. RedClover Blended Pure Herbs Liquid Extract

  • The highest dosage
  •  Blossoms
  • Very successful procedure to speed up its activity is the use of  Blended externally.



61wdgz7lqsl-_sy679_3.   Puritan’s PrideRedClover 430 mg (100 Capsules)

  • High dose
  • very good quality
  • The overall compound is focused on hormonal balance.
  • R.C Blossoms




4. Best Naturals RedClover 430 mg (180 Capsules)

  • Pure extract from flovers
  • The extract is focused on hormone balance.
  • R.C Blossoms




Red Clover Side Effects

This herb is safe to use in most cases. Especially when you don’t exceed the recommended dose, there are practically none side effects. Nevertheless, everybody reacts differently, and there are cases where it can cause problems. The most common side effects observed when using this herb are:

  • Muscle ache (feeling tired).
  • Rashes and other skin conditions.
  • Vaginal spotting and bleeding.

If you are consuming it and notice any of this signs, you should discontinue its use immediately. There are certain conditions where red clover is unsafe. Its ingredients and the extra hormones it can bring to your body are not advisable in some cases, like:

  • Bleeding disorders.
  • Breast-feeding.
  • Deficiency of protein S.
  • Hormone-sensitive conditions.
  • If you had a recent surgery or plans of getting one soon (within a two week period).

As for hormone-sensitive conditions, most of them are related to cancer (like breast cancer or ovarian cancer). It can be beneficial, but only under the prescription and supervision of a licensed doctor. He will know when it is safe to use red clover, and when you should better not use it.

As for the other contraindications, most are related to blood coagulation. Blood clotting is affected by the compounds of red clover. The affections do not pose a risk for healthy people, but when there is a preexisting condition like the ones mentioned above it can result in more than bleeding, which poses a high risk for life.


Red Clover in Breast Enlargement! Uses, Dosage, Benefits Recipes!
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