TOP Best ways of breast stretch mark removal !

If You have pregnancy stretch marks on your breasts or any stretch marks in other areas of the body caused by weight gain, you will find here effective ways to remove them, and to prevent the formation of new ones.

They are so much hated by women. There is hardly a woman who had not heard about them. The direct cause is stretching and cracking the fibers of collagen and elastin which creates a sort of mesh supporting the skin. But in the matter hormones are also involved. Specifically, cortisol, the adrenal cortex produces it more while pregnant.

It was he who interferes with collagen-producing cells, so that the fibers are weaker and break, when the skin on the breast starts to stretch.

Can you prevent them? Certainly you can! But it is a very demanding job dedication, because stretch marks are formed quickly.

Why do the stretch marks appear on breast or other areas of the body ?

In the first half of pregnancy breast can increase by as much as 300 g, which will be a size larger than stretch marks-005before. Those are good news for women who always wanted to have bigger breasts. However, this condition will unfortunately remained only during pregnancy and the early months of breastfeeding. After this period, breast, unfortunately, will decrease. Often become even smaller than it was before becoming pregnant.

Rapid expansion of the size of the breast unfortunately affects the skin of the breast. Skin needs a long and slow time for it to naturally enlarge its surface. So rapid growth of breast unfortunately does not give her such opportunities and the skin stretches.  At the beginning the stretch marks are red or pink, then fade. That is the high time to find the best stretch mark removal for your body


What is The First Sign of Forming Stretch Marks?

stretch marks-001The first sign of forming stretch marks before you see them is itching. Excessive weight gain in pregnancy favors stretch marks.

What causes stretch marks?  Stretch marks usually appear when a woman has a genetic disposition to or put to much weight during pregnancy. Genetic disposition means here the same tendency to stretch marks, because that does not exist, but the record in the genes for the small elasticity of the skin.


The most common causes of stretch mark are:
– Pregnancy,
– Birth control pills and hormone drugs,
– Vigorous exercise in the gym;
– An increase in body weight, or weight gain;
– Rapid weight loss.


How to Prevent Stretch Marks?

Weak, inflexible skin, if not specially cultivated during pregnancy, will stretch in the places where our body will increase its volume. So there will be stretch marks on breasts, thighs, abdomen, bottom. That is why it is so important to be consistent with moisturizing and oiling the skin from the first days of pregnancy with the use of massage and peeling.

The key is to not gain extra weight during pregnancy. The skin on the breast is soft and stretches easily. If you stretch too much, it will be difficult then to go back to the previous size. Worth mentioning is the right bra when breast again increases.

You should also use special stretch mark removal creams, but only such, designed for pregnant women. They will not contain toxic substances, so they will not harm the fetus. They will protect the skin on the breasts and strengthen it. Value oiled breast lotion, as it will alleviate the persistent itching, which in return is a result of stretching of the skin.



What are Stretch Mark Removals  Home Remedies?

stretch marks-0031. An excellent way to lighten stretch marks is a vitamin-lemon mask. You can do it by yourself.

Mix the olive oil with a teaspoon of liquid vitamin E and lemon juice. Apply the mask on your skin 2 times a week, and you will quickly see the results!

2. The most popular and most accessible method for stretch marks are creams for stretch marks. The most effective are those containing collagen. Remember that self-apply sunscreen may not be enough. To quickly spot you type and rub into the skin to stimulate the absorption of active substances.

3. The last step is stretch marks  scarring. Unfortunately, stretch marks do not disappear – they can be smooth, brighten, but at closer examination will always be visible.  After that process, creams do not work effectively. Special stretch mark removal – treatments will be for example: Laser, Dermabrasion or mesotherapy.
Note: one treatment is not enough. Depending on the number and size of stretch marks, needed is a series of three to up to ten visits, a complete treatment takes about half a year.

How to Prevent Stretch Marks on Breasts During Pregnancy?

stretch marks-004

The best start to protect against stretch marks on breasts before pregnancy. Reinforcing fibers of collagen so as not to burst, a process that takes time.

Ways to prevent stretch marks are a few:

  1. The first is to prevent stretch marks cosmetics. Will take effect only when used regularly twice a day for a long period of time. Top impose them gently with circular movements from the bottom upwards. We start from the armpit towards the bridge, then move his hand up to his neck and continue towards the clavicle. It is important to stay away from nipples because their stimulation causes the release of the oxytocin and may cause cramps.
  2. Another method of stretch mark removal is to treat them with cosmetic surgery, especially those from the series for expectant mothers. Cosmetic surgeon may suggest a skin firming algae, trace elements or plant extracts.
  3. They are, also highly recommended, cooling masks that congealed on the skin, tighten and moisturize it.
  4. Do not scratch the itchy body, it will speed up the formation of stretch marks
  5.  Use only creams and balms that contain collagen. Only that can rebuild the damaged layers of the skin
  6. If stretch marks have skin color and are shallow, you can eliminate them using creams with collagen, recovering skin. If stretch marks are already red and deep, in this case the laser is only stretch mark removal.



Bra During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding – Natural Way to Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks

If you would like to see results of your hard work care for your breast that is effective  against stretch marks, even during your pregnancy, you will need a special bra. It will help you keep your breast, so as not to impose in an a dditional burden of skin – increased breast volume during pregnancy. The selection of bra during pregnancy, see our article ‘TIPS for breast care’.

Bra during pregnancy is different than the one used for feeding.

Nursing bra should allow for convenient and quick to draw the breast in order to feed the baby. Such a special bras, which releases the breast without unfastening the straps you can buy them up to a month before the expected delivery date. Choosing it, also take into account the under bust – but that which you had before pregnancy, and the size of the bowl, add two sizes, because so much you grow breast when lactation starts. An one bra is not enough, you’ll need a few for a change. For the first month postpartum period, when breast is still very sensitive, you should have no underwire bra, then you can buy a bra with underwire. During the breastfeeding, then, the best suited bras are with removable cups. Not necessarily white – after all, they need to be washed frequently, and white quickly turns gray.

TOP Best ways of breast stretch mark removal !
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