Tips for Propper Breast Care in Pregnancy

Breast Care in Pregnancy – is it matter?
Before a woman becomes pregnant, she doesn’t devote the time to her breasts. Most women who are satisfied with the size and shape of their breasts, don’t care for them well during pregnancy and lactation. They do not see a need, in the end they are satisfied with their shapes.
Panic starts when the breastfeeding period ends. Surprisingly, it turns out that a breast looses their elasticity, fell, grew flat.
They suddenly turned out to be much smaller than before pregnancy. Remember that daily breast care in pregnancy is matter not only for you, but also for the baby’s health.
If you want your breast to retain elasticity, you have to take care of they properly. Start from the moment when your breasts begin to swell during pregnancy. You can also use a variety of lotions and creams for breast. Effective methods are: massages, baths and breast firming exercises. Everything about breast in pregnancy  you will find in article: breasts  in pregnancy


Propper Breast Care in Pregnancy  – What should I do?brafeeding

Follow our hygienic practices to take best care of your breast during pregnancy.

  • Wash your nipples carefully. Viscous fluid passes through the breast since your 4-6 month of pregnancy.
  • Keep your nipples clean to avoid this, by rubbing them with a clean piece of cloth.
  • Never use soap to clean nipples! It causes dryness. You might develop cracks as well.
  • The breasts need to be washed daily to remove dried colostrum and to prevent irritation to the nipples.
  • While taking a bath, pull your nipples with the forefinger and thumb. Don’t scratch them with your nails. This exercise will facilitate milk extraction post delivery.
  • Always use warm water.
  • You can massage your breasts while bathing using our special massages techniques. Use balm or special oil for pregnant women. Breast massage aids proper blood circulation and help to keep them lift and firm!
  • Always wear a bra as a necessary support to your breasts. Look down on this page to read more about best pregnancy bras


When to start taking care of breast?

The sooner you take care about breasts, the better the effects reach. If you are pregnant, your breasts will be larger and heavier. That means you need a new, appropriate for the occasion bra. That is such a bra, which is primarily the correct size and rigidity.
The bra must be suitable under the breasts (for loose circuit not sustain the breast), and the bowl must fit the bust (not arise “rolls” over the edge of the bra).
Avoid bras “growing” because it quickly spread and cause sagging breasts.
You just have to react to changes in breast size, buying a bra adapted to it.



Tips for Breast Care in Pregnancy

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1. Hot-cold baths improve blood circulation and flexibility.

A great way to keep the firmness of the bust in pregnancy is  use  the alternating hot and cold shower. This is an excellent exercise for the blood vessels, which are thermally shrink and expand.

2. Special moisturizing lotions for pregnant women.

After exiting the shower, do not forget about them them being hydrated. You can lubricate the usual body lotions or get bust care cream. There are also available formulations designed specifically for pregnant women. It is important for you to counsel preparation prior to buying carefully read the pamphlet, because not all of them can be used during breast-feeding.

3. Massage during spreading cream.

Not without significance is the way, in which you will be massaged cosmetic. Distribute it in circular motions from the lower ribs by the neck to the shoulders.


What With Aching Nipples?

Painful nipples can be gently lubricated with baby oil. In the third trimester of pregnancy, you can also begin to perform massages to prepare  breasts for feeding.
Do it  with a dry towel or soft brush. But remember to do it carefully, because stimulation of the nipples causes the secretion of prolactin, a hormone causing uterine contractions. 
You may also develop cracks around the nipples or they might get swollen as well.
Nipples tend to get darker and larger in the course of pregnancy and stay that way for about 10-16 months.


Why do Breasts Fall During Pregnancy ?

Future moms gripe is that theirs body will really change. Primarily the breasts during pregnancy loses its shape, they become flattens. It is because the breast are not well supported by muscle  – it is the role of the skin, which, however, isn’t able to hold new enlarged breast. What can help? The most effective are exercises.
Breast changes during pregnancy

Breast changes during and after pregnancy without propper care

How to fight falling breasts?

It should be done daily, they are simple and do not require effort (some suggestions of exercises you can find them in a specially dedicated article). The special pragnancy cosmetics are also important. Although the creams do not raise falling, heavy milky breasts, but they can prevent it from falling completly down. Best creams soften, moisturize and strengthen the skin.  Mostly  they are composed of substances, that improve blood circulation, tightening the skin, stimulating collagen production.


Breast – secure them a good stage – the perfect bra

fit bra

First what you should to do, is to get a new, special bra. The best pregnancy bra will not only  prevent them from falling, but also reduce the burden on the shoulders and back. That is mostly important in the second and third trimester, when the belly is big and heavy. Start to wear it from the time when your normal bras are no longer comfortable (usually just about 4 months).


How to measure pregnant bra ?

What to look for when shopping?
Breast Care in Pregnancy should starts with buying a new bras!
First of all, do not be influenced by the existing size. Before you start to look for a bra, measure the circumference of the body under the breasts, tight and on the exhale.
Narrow down the results, then subtract of  5 cm (for example, if under the breasts you have 88 cm, summarized the score to 85 and subtract 5 cm – your bra size under bust is 80).
This is necessary, because the fabric, which is sewn on the bottom of the bra is flexible and can thus stretch. A bra with a circumference of exactly how the body circumference under the breasts, do not sustain the breast.
Then measure the circumference of loosely breast in nipples, being in bra, then without. Take into account the higher score.
Dimensions – under the breasts and nipples – write down and bring with you to the store where the manufacturer using the table, find the right size bra.


What is the Ideal Bra for Nursing Mothers?

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What to look for in a bra :

  • Good support
  • Natural Material like a Cotton
  • Deep band beneath the cups
  • Wide shoulder straps
  • Adjustable closure
  • Avoid underwire bras


Breast Care in Pregnancy and The Perfect Bra

Perfect bra for pregnant woman must have:

  • a wide, softly padded shoulder straps with adjustable length,
  • three rows of hooks in the back,
  • around the cups sewn reinforcement.
  • It should fit snugly to the body, but nowhere pinch – especially under the bust.

Breast Care in Pregnancy – Underwire or Seamless  Bras?

Trying on it, make sure that you have the back of the store space on the clasp, because under bust grows with the tummy.
Underwire bras can be used too, because – if the size is correctly selected – they do not oppress the milk ducts and impede the proper flow of blood and lymph in the breast. They are even recommended for large breasts, because only that kind of  bra has a chance to properly maintain them.
When buying a seamless bra, note if it doesn’t  extend too far below the bust, because then you do not give proper support for your large breasts.
Tips for Propper Breast Care in Pregnancy
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